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New poll: WaPo/ABC poll shows low approval of Obama

Sixty-five percent disapprove of Obama’s performance on prices at the pump that have surged in recent weeks, while 26 percent approve and nine percent had no opinion, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Monday.


That poll has some very interesting results on all questions, none of them good for obama.  Such as – job approval:  strongly approve 28%; strongly disapprove 39%.  And If the economy has begun to recover, do you think it is a strong or weak recovery:  strong recovery 24%; weak recovery 74%.  And this poll has more identified as democrats than identified as republicans.

Posted:  03.12.12 @ 10:39 a.m.

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Stop your cryin’, Boehner and nail Obama to the wall on gas prices

However, as gas prices soar and oil giants post big first-quarter profits, Boehner said it’s time to scrutinize the benefits enjoyed by the country’s biggest oil firms.

“It’s certainly something that we ought to be looking at,” Boehner said. “They ought to be paying their fair share.”

What the hell is Boehner talking about?  This is the kind of cowardice always displayed by republicans.  Do you think for one minute that Nancy Pelosi would be saying, yes, dear god, we should certainly look at what the republicans or George Bush are saying about….whatever?  Not on your life.  If the republicans don’t stop this foolishness they are all going to get thrown out.
I don’t care what it is, NO, don’t agree with Obama on anything.
It is his fault the oil prices are high so why in the name of god is Boehner giving him a break and wishy washing around.  He should NAIL him to the wall on it.
He’s been handed a hammer on a silver platter.   I cannot believe he is not using it.
How disgusting!!
Posted:  04.26.11 @ 12:24 p.m.

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