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Obama’s War on Catholics (and bald eagles)

Obama administration wages a WAR ON CATHOLICS

But he gives permission to an Indian tribe to kill bald eagles for their religious ceremonies.

   I don’t think he likes American symbols any more than he likes Christian symbols.  Remember when he had Christian signs and symbols covered at Georgetown University?

Georgetown honored the White House staff’s request to cover all of the Georgetown University signage and symbols behind Gaston Hall stage,” Julie Green Bataille, associate vice president for communications at Georgetown, told CNSNews.com

And back to the War on Catholics:

Barack  Obama’s controversial regulation of the health care policies offered by  religious organizations, one day after Catholic leaders repeated their offer to  hash out an agreement.

“The solution that was reached here … has been reached, and we firmly believe  that it achieves the goals that the president set,” Carney said at Thursday’s  White House press conference.

On Feb. 10 Obama announced a new regulation that forces religious groups to  financially support activities they abhor, but that the government supports. In  particular, the president directed religious organizations to provide insurance  policies that offer free contraceptives.

But “government has no place defining religion and religious ministry,” said  the Mar. 14 statement by the top-level administrative committee of the United  States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Read more:  http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/15/carney-to-bishops-birth-control-decision-is-final/#ixzz1pGxrg5ls


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MSNBC tries to lean forward while on their left side

Most people do not watch MSNBC so maybe you haven’t seen this new promo they have called “Lean Forward” which  seems to be a confirmation of their far left leaning.  Actually they are down on their left side on the ground.  Can they lean forward from there?

Anyway, I happened to catch this today and it reeks with all they stand for.  Along with the president, they leave out “endowed by our Creator” as they butcher the first amendment.

Nielsen Ratings for Thursday, October 21, 2010

5PM – P2+ (25-54)
Glenn Beck – 2,224,000 viewers (508,000)
Situation Room—615,000 viewers (133,000)
Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 456,000 viewers (121,000)
Showbiz Tonight — 141,000 viewers (65,000)

6PM – P2+ (25-54)
Special Report w/ Bret Baier – 2,345,000 viewers (459,000)
Situation Room—508,000 viewers (134,000)
Ed Show —648,000 viewers (136,000)
Prime News – 199,000 viewers (62,000)

7PM – P2+ (25-54)
The Fox Report w/ Shep – 2,229,000 viewers (505,000)
John King USA– 463,000 viewers (136,000)
Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 582,000 viewers (194,000)
Issues – 373,000 viewers (132,000)

8PM – P2+ (25-54)
The O’Reilly Factor– 4,283,000 viewers (1,045,000)
Parker/Spitzer –516,000 viewers (111,000) (183,000)
Countdown w/ K. Olbermann – 1,173,000 viewers (317,000)
Nancy Grace – 551,000 viewers (149,000)

By the Numbers.

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