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The first 100 days as seen from South Carolina

Eli Saslow, Washington Post staff writer, has done an excellent piece that is published in the Washington Post today.  He has written about two Obama supporters, Edith Childs and Evon Hackett and how their first 100 days of the Obama Administration has been.

Although the author probably had a different objective in mind, it does illustrate also the divide in this country which now exists and I think is growing more pronounced.  There’s a line in the sand.  There’s the Obama supporters and the rest of us.  Though they may be a little weary, they still believe Obama is the answer to the problems in the country.  We sort of think Obama is the cause of the problems and don’t at all like the direction he is taking us.  I know, he did inherit a full plate from the previous administration, but I think no worse than other presidents who have taken over from a different political party.  After all, he did know full well what he was signing up for and he wanted it very, very badly.

And the sad part is, as this article illustrates, things are not getting better but worse even after his record spending.

But Saslow writes:

“”Across the dark living room, one of Childs’s favorite pictures is displayed on a worn coffee table. It shows Childs with her arms wrapped around Barack Obama, his hand on her back, her eyes glowing. They met at a rally attended by 37 supporters on a rainy day in 2007, when Childs responded to Obama’s sluggishness on stage with an impromptu chant: “Fired up! Ready to go!” She repeated it, shouting louder each time, until Obama laughed and dipped his shoulders to the rhythm. The chant caught on. “Fired up!” people began saying at rallies. “Ready to go,” Obama chanted back. He told audiences about Childs, “a spirited little lady,” and invited her onstage at campaign appearances. By the day of his inauguration, when Childs led a busload of strangers bound for the Mall in her now-iconic chant, her transformation was complete. She was Edith Childs, fired up and ready to go.””

But the punches just keep on coming.

  • On Day 4 of his presidency, the Solutia textile plant laid off 101 workers.
  • On Day 23, the food bank set a record for meals served.
  • On Day 50, the hospital fired 200 employees and warned of further job cuts.
  • On Day 71, the school superintendent called a staff meeting and told his principals to expect changes and pay cuts.
  • On Day 78, the town’s newly elected Democratic mayor, whose campaign was inspired partly by his admiration for Obama, summarized Greenwood’s accelerating fragility. “This is crippling us, and there’s no sign of it turning around,” Welborn Adams said.
  • On Day 88, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that South Carolina had set a record for its highest unemployment rate in state history, at 11.4 percent. Greenwood’s unemployment is 13 percent.

And it was on Day 20 that Evon lost her job and she’s still looking for another one.

Read the rest of their stories Here.

Posted:  04.26.09


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