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Bull crap from the white house AKA why is the DEMOCRAT SENATE on vacation?

So I just read the president of bull crap propoganda is going to bring out some  whining crybabies today on the tax cut that is no tax cut but an extension of the raiding of the social security “trust fund” seeing as how it is not Income tax he is talking about but Payroll tax.  Could we get a video to show Harry Reid rolling grandma off a cliff? 

But if they think it is such a wonderful thing to reduce the amount of FICA reductions, then why not do it for the full year instead of 60 days?

Silly, silly democrats.  Your silly theatrics are not going to work. 

And why is the DEMOCRAT SENATE on vacation when there is work to do?  The House has rejected the bill they sent them so the ball is clearly back in the Senate at this time.

News media???? Where are you demanding the vacationing DEMOCRAT SENATE come back and do their JOBS?   They are not even pointing out that the democratic process is working and the House has rejected the Senate bill, which puts the issue back in the Senate.  What’s so hard to understand about that?  

If the alleged president wanted to do something useful, he would call HIS Senate back to Washington to do the job they are elected to do instead of engaging in theatrics.

It goes without saying that the media would be raking a republican senate over the coals for this dereliction of duty if it were a republican controlled senate that had vanished from Washington.  The GDDemocrats get away with anything in this country because of the utterly corrupt media.

So let the president of the United States engage in theatrics and let the media ignore the fact that the Senate is not in session to take care of the country’s business.  I hope to hell all the democrats are cleaned out of Washington in November. 

“Obama today will leave unsaid, of course, that everyone’s taxes will also go up if the Senate fails to return and act on the House-passed year-long payroll tax cut extension.”




President uses FAKE numbers but it’s not a surprise when a liar lies. http://dailycaller.com/2011/12/22/white-house-manipulating-payroll-tax-numbers-for-political-gains/

Posted:  12.22.11 @ 10:58 a.m.

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Obama recycles losing democrat themes of the past

Which presidential candidate said this in an ad: “I refuse to make your family pay more so that millionaires can pay less?” Who promised to “fight for seniors” against opponents who wanted to “slash Medicare?”

If you answered President Barack Obama, you’re about 27 years too late. Those pronouncements came from an ad for Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro, the Democratic pols who ran against Ronald Reagan in 1984. (Mondale’s ticket lost to Reagan in a landslide, winning only one state.)
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/12/08/obama-recycles-themes-from-failed-democratic-presidential-campaigns/#ixzz1fviqTEig

I remember the collective sigh of relief at the defeat of Jimmy Carter.  And if we can only hold out a few more months we can turn this country around and get it humming again.

Kind of funny, but not really funny, how Obama is now so intent on raiding the Social Security “trust fund” seeing as how the FICA payroll tax is what funds Social Security.  There really is no trust fund as the money has been stolen and comingled with general funds, but they claim there is so let’s just pretend there is.  He now wants to continue to cut the amount of money taken in to fund Social Security, which is the FICA payroll tax.  This man is a snake in the grass. 

Find the hoe and chop that sucker in half.

Posted:  12.07.11 @ 3:37 a.m.

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