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WIPE OUT!! Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead – Thank you, Rush (Video)

I would never have thought anything about this but Rush just said that some self-proclaimed feminists were upset by the fact he played this on Wednesday.  I didn’t hear this when it aired, but he’s going on about it today.  Can you actually believe some phoney women’s group is complaining about this, after any number of conservative women have been mocked and called every name in the book, and not one little peep out of any of them.  Makes me sick.  And this, after the treatment that I wrote about after I watched MSNBC election night as I watched them treat Bachmann and Blackburn like they were dog poop on national tv.  What a bunch of assholes.  To disagree is one thing, but after all, they are both elected officials of this country and deserve at least a degree of respect for that alone.

This video is really hillarious, especially now that I am doing it just to honor Rush for making it part of his program and now taking the flak for it.  I may be playing it quite a bit because it makes me LAUGH.  Be sure to listen to the end because there’s another hilarious song called something like It’s big, It’s Nationwide.

Don’t like to see people mistreated and don’t usually like to gloat.  But gloat I will.  The conservatives/republicans beat the snot out of the administration and their agenda.  The natural born snot!!  And Rush is right  – the winners don’t have to compromise with the losers.  If there had been any measure of compromise, there would not be the healthcare law as it now stands.  That’s the way they roll.  Shut the doors, give us the middle finger, and if you don’t like it “that’s what elections are for.”  Yep.  That’s for sure.  Now we’ve had the election.  Deal with it.

And, yes, it is big.  What was it, 65 seats?  Something like that.  and how many state legislatures turned republican.  How many governorships?

I want to thank Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and other conservative voices who have been voices crying in the wilderness for a long time.  I didn’t even listen to either one of them until Obama the president of the United States called out Rush Limbaugh by name.  That was so low class.  I said right then and there Rush just gained a new listener.

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Republicans clean out the House of Representatives

FLASHBACKApril 21.2009, Washington Post, Chris Callizza:

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (Va.) said in a recent interview that Republicans retaking the majority is not entirely out of the question in the 2010 midterm elections.

“I’m very confident we will pick up seats midterm if we do the necessary work of finding good candidates,” Cantor said. “I don’t remove the prospect that we could take the majority back in 2010.”

Is this simply spin from a House Republican leader who needs to say something to keep his members and the party’s grassroots base engaged? Or is there a real chance for a Republican House in 2010?

The answer is, it depends.


To be clear, the strong probability is that Republicans will pick up seats in 2010 but will come up well short of the 40-seat gain they need to reclaim control.

May, 2009:

Michael Grunwald, Time magazine said:

“These days, Republicans have the desperate aura of an endangered species.”

(I can just see him rubbing his unbiased hands together in unrestrained glee.)


Fast Forward:  November 2, 2010:

Republicans win control of the House of Representatives with a win of 61 seats – at least.  There may be as many as 67 when all is said and done.

Republicans gain 6 seats in the Senate, only four short to win control.  Harry and Barney and Madam Boxer slither through.

Republicans gain 7 – maybe 10 or more governorships.

Now, slam on the breaks, take the keys out of the car, and have a Slurpee.  🙂


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