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Imus puts his Westport, Conn. property up for sale

The 10,000-sq.-ft. white clapboard “Greco-Georgian” Revival mansion features 16 rooms including six bedrooms and six baths, with classic white-painted wooden interiors, a library, and multiple bay windows, the Wall St. Journal reports. The four acre property also has a two-bedroom guest house and a two-bedroom gatehouse with parking for six cars. The estate boasts 215 ft. of sandy beach frontage on Long Island Sound. Imus, 68, bought the property in 1997 for $4.6 million and finished building the house in 2000.


See Luxist for pictures of the interior. Lovely.

Posted: 03.31.09

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Al Sharpton holds protest about cartoon

Rev. Al Sharpton, having no other plans for the day, just held a protest outside the New York Post‘s headquarters to protest Sean Delonasmonkey cartoon. It’s more outrageous than Don Imus, sez the Rev!

Sharpton said it’s worse than Don Imus’ derogatory comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. The Post, Sharpton said, seems to play into the old stereotype of African Americans being monkeys. Sharpton says if the Post doesn’t “take some action” against Delonas and his editors, he’ll lead a boycott of advertisers.  To which Col Allan, we imagine, finished his Hot Pocket, licked his lips, turned to his editors, and said, “F*ck Al Sharpton.”

We can only hope that’s what Col Allan said (whoever Col Allan is).

Al Sharpton should be an embarrassment to the black community.  This is just silly.

H/T: Gawker

Posted:  02.19.09


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IMUS on Hannity tonight

Imus is going on Hannity (FOX News Channel) tonight to be interviewed.  Can hardly believe it. Imus doesn’t do interviews.  He did talk to Barbara Walters, I remember, but this is a very rare occasion and I won’t miss it.  Oh, and Cavuto but it was by remote and not a sit-down interview. Two nights, 14th and 15th.

See Imus Times.

And Here’s a little insight into the Imus family and all they do for good.  As to the “vegan lifestyle” I have always thought Imus would benefit by a little red meat, but what do I know?  🙂

American Profile featuring the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer.

Posted:  01.14.09


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