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Obama running a lawless administration

I am so disgusted I can’t seem to find a way to express it.  If we only had a leader in this country.  But we don’t.  We have a community organizer — or community agitator.  It is his people, the DNC and Organizing for America thugs, in Wisconsin acting like a bunch of fools, with teachers calling in sick, involving children in their madness, the democrats actually leaving the state to avoid a vote. What a shameful display.  It is unbelievable.

But I guess that is what you get from a lawless administration, and a president who does not honor the constitution, and attacks individual states and governors, causing nothing but strife.   There are plenty of people who would love to have jobs and these greeds are fussing over contributing a little more to their  retirement fund and health insurance.  They are not being fired.  They are not being laid off.  But they should be.  They should be fired immediately and hire someone who wants to work.  Or shut down the schools and suspend all pay checks.

And what is this with the president using such violent language as hatchets and machetes.  I guess the era of civility has ended.  But then, of course, the only ones who are uncivil to begin with are these left wing bums, beginning with the alleged president of the United States.

Posted:  02.18.11

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No time to change republican leadership

Re:  Michael Steele

Why are the democrats so interested in the republican party and who leads it?  I am getting a real bad feeling about this.  I think it is a very poor time for republican leadership to change.  Michael Steele has been welcoming to the tea party movement, and he will only be replaced by a RINO.  And who will benefit by this?  Don’t let us chip up in pieces at this point!

The DNC is sending out statement after statement declaring Steele wants to quit the war. THE DNC OF ALL PLACES. Yet, the republicans are falling for their trap in giving their statements credence.


But we have to concentrate on November. We don’t need this Steele resign hullabaloo now. What the MSM and DNC is trying to do is distract from Obama and democrats’ failed and disastrous policies.

Listen to the Video Here.  And he is supposed to resign for this?  I don’t think so.

I hope we don’t get manipulated by the powers that be to divide us.  The democrats wouldn’t be happier, and the republicans?  Well, maybe they want to put in a bona fide RINO.

Careful.  Careful.

Posted:  07.05.10




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