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Tanning bed tax is blatantly racist!

Racist tax levied only against white people!  Hidious discrimination.

The Obama administration is turning up the heat on tanning salons across the country with the passage of its new health care bill.

To help fund the $940 billion health care overhaul, a 10% tax on individuals receiving indoor tanning services was tacked on, and the initiative is expected to generate $2.7 billion over ten years.

As a result, many salon goers and owners are outraged by the so-called “tanning tax” and think they’re being unfairly targeted by the bill.

“It’s terrible,” said Jan Meshon, owner of City Sun Tanning in New York City. “You know how they say that passing a bill is a bit like making sausage? Well this was the weirdest, ugliest piece of sausage to get stuffed into the bill.”

City Sun Tanning customers are shocked and disappointed by the tax as well, and Meshon said he expects the tax to hurt business.

“We’ll do everything to keep our customers, but they are very upset by this,” he said. “When they first hear about the tax, their reaction is, ‘What? How did that get in there? Why are they attacking me?'” http://alturl.com/2yzp8


Posted:  07.03.12 @ 12:07 p.m.

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President Obama would not have used the “language” Holder used in calling us all cowards

Well, I read a headline that I thought indicated Obama was maybe reprimanding Eric Holder for his “nation of cowards” comment, but then I saw that he was not.  He is actually agreeing with him.

Here’s what he said:

President Obama, in an interview published Saturday, sought to clarify Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent controversial comments calling America a ‘nation of cowards’ when it comes to race relations.

“I think it’s fair to say that if I had been advising my attorney general, we would have used different language,” Obama told the New York Times aboard Air Force One on Friday. “I think the point that he was making is that we’re oftentimes uncomfortable with talking about race until there’s some sort of racial flare-up or conflict, and that we could probably be more constructive in facing up to the painful legacy of slavery and Jim Crow and discrimination.”

New York Times

So, as usual, any time anybody wants to have a conversation about race, you can be sure it is to once again point out that we must “face up to the painful legacy of slavery and Jim Crow and discrimination.”  And this is precisely why whites don’t want to talk about it.  It’s not a two-way conversation, but only another opportunity to punish us for what happened before we were born.

It is unfortunate that President Obama would feel it necessary and appropriate to bring up slavery and Jim Crow – NOW.  In 2009!

Here’s another take on the subject.

Posted:  03.08.09


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