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O’Donnell raises more than double her opponent

Delaware Republican Christine O’Donnell raised a substantial $3.8 million during the last three months, more than twice what her Democratic opponent raised, but it hasn’t yet thinned his substantial lead in most polls.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1010/43683.html#ixzz12UyyOUTT

I just contributed to her campaign for the second time.

New Rasmussen poll has O’Donnell 11 points behind, up from 19.

I feel a tea party coming on.

Posted:  10.16.10

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Saturday Night Live does Christine O’Donnell

This SNL parody of Christine O’Donnell is very good and funny, especially at the end.  I like this better than her real ad.  This whole witch thing is a joke anyway so she could use this format for her next ad.



When elected, Christine will be immediately seated in the U.S. Senate.  Christine will be the only newly elected Republican that can stop the Democrats $1 Trillion tax increase.

$1 Million is the number that we need to win this election.  That’s the reason we’ve started a campaign called $1 Million to Save a $1 Trillion.

That is all we need to defeat the TaxMan and his $1 Trillion tax increase. Will you donate to stop this despicable tax increase by giving $100, $75, $50 or even $35 today?

Check out the website and video at www.CoonstheTaxMan.com for all the things that our opponent has tried to tax.  It’s no laughing matter.

Posted:  10.12.10  Updated:  10.12.10 @ 12:46 pm

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O’Donnell’s democrat opponent is Harry Reid’s pet

Just what we need in the Senate.  Harry Reid’s pet.  And on top of that, a Marxist by his own admission.

“I’m going to be very honest with you — Chris Coons, everybody knows him in the Democratic caucus. He’s my pet. He’s my favorite candidate,”  Reid said

Chris Coons:  “My friends now joke that something about Kenya, maybe the strange diet, or the tropical sun, changed my personality; Africa to them seems a catalytic converter that takes in clean-shaven, clear-thinking Americans and sends back bearded Marxists,” Coons wrote, noting that at one time he had been a “proud founding member of the Amherst College Republicans.”

Wow.  He’s a fine candidate, isn’t he.  An EX republican, turned marxist.  Harry Reid’s “favorite candidate.”

And Tokyo Rove going on and on and on goading Christine O’Donnell to “answer the questions.:”  What questions?

I have seen what he refers to as her “checkered past.”  And I am not impressed with the checkeredness.  She had some debt.  At least she hasn’t been stealing the taxpayers money or receiving some underhanded paybacks.  She owns no property, her home was close to being repossessed.  Well, welcome to life.  I just don’t know what the hey Rove is talking about.  I think HE must be hiding something.  He is way too into this attack of Christine O’Donnell.  Why is he now so unconcerned with a republican win in Delaware.  She IS the republican candidate.  Chris Coons is the only other choice.  I wonder what kind of pet he is.  Maybe a hamster or a rat.

I look for Karlinsky to be on MSNBC and CNN soon.  (If he hasn’t already been).  He’ll be the next Meghan McCain.  I guess they do realize they are just their play things.  I am glad O’Donnell canceled her Sunday appearance which would have given them the chance to pose just the right question so they could get a sound bite to fuel the witch hunt for the next two weeks.

Wonder when they’ll have Coons on.  I’m sure the wires will burn and the ratings will soar at the excitement of it. 

But it seems the media is more interested in  some irrelevant and unimportant detail from high school that comic Bill Maher dug up than Who Her Opponent Really Is.

For instance:

“A key point I want to make is that Coons, a rich boy with a law degree and a Master’s in Ethics from Yale Divinity School, is actually a much nastier, more manipulative, more dangerous, more special-interest-serving person than his thuggish predecessor Tom Gordon.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/09/20/is-chris-coons-as-bewitching-as-christine-odonnell/#ixzz105s3tvBp


“News that Democrat Chris Coons intends to jack up property taxes on us all to make his political accommodations is no surprise. He is a personally very-rich Democrat, freshly-re-elected, making a tidy 6-figure paycheck on the public’s backs while trying to carve himself out an incumbency career in Delaware politics.”


In this era of massive government corruption and spending, she took a long time to pay her student loans? She didn’t have somebody like Bill Ayers write a couple fantasy books for her in order to pay them off like Obama did.  And he is still whining about that student debt.  The year she made a little over $5,000, I wonder if she got her food stamps and medicaid.  I hope she did, but did she just lay down and give up when things got tough?  No.  She wants to make a difference for the country.

Harry Reid and Mike Castle haven’t made a thin dime doing any real work in their lives.  Every single nickle they have gotten has been tax payer money – that is when you discount all the probable dishonest money they have received.   And Barack Obama is “just so Real” for having smoked marijuana, proudly inhaled it, and “dabbled” in some blow.

It has never been more clear that the democrats and republicans are just one big, happy family, the one enabling the other to fleece the people.

Bypass the republican party and send money directly to the campaigns.

She needs our help.

More on Coons.

Posted:  09.20.10

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Christine O’Donnell is a Winner!!

From Bewitched to the Flying Nun…..

Love ya’, Christine.  Hang tough.


Posted:  09.19.10

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Charges against Christine O’Donnell

I just looked up these “awful” charges against Christine O’Donnell.  Is this all they got?  Maybe she can be appointed Treasury Secretary.  It’s Obama’s America.  Unemployment.  Poverty.  Record foreclosures.  Government intimidation.

O’Donnell’s finances are irregular, especially for a political candidate. As The News Journal of Wilmington summarized, “Public records show O’Donnell has no steady income, no savings, no investments and owns no property.” She reported income of only $5,800 last year. Her mortgage was almost foreclosed in 2008 and this year the IRS filed a lien against her for unpaid income taxes. Also noteworthy: She said her political enemies lurk outside her house, she is against masturbation, and in 2005, claiming mental anguish, she filed a $6.95 million lawsuit accusing a conservative group of demoting her because she is a woman, wrote Jill Lawrence of Politics Daily.

Dear God! Why not just shoot her.

Thank God she’s not a disgusting millionaire.

Posted:  09.16.10

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Karl Rove vs Christine O’Donnell – Disgraceful

Tea Party victory in Delaware

And who is whining?  I just learned something about Karl Rove.  He is mud-slinging the People’s Choice for a republican candidate. I was shocked at this.  What he just said here tells us where Castle got his negative talking points against Christine.  I should have known, but I guess I didn’t notice as long as we were somewhat on the same side. (Oh, boy – wake up!)  What the hey is he talking about “in the bushes?”  That is so silly.  Rove sounds like a democrat smear machine.  I read something yesterday about Christine being “homeless” and being in  a financial mess. Well, we are all going to be homeless and broke very soon if we keep electing the likes of Mike Castle, who acted as a enabler for all the spending measures the democrats put forward.

Has anybody checked to see what kind of house Mike Cap and Tax Castle has?  How much money does he have in the bank after basically living off the taxpayers for 9 terms?  Who has been financing him so that he has had no financial problems?  I believe the SEIU and various other special interests.  Is Castle one of the “fat cats?”  I’ll bet Karl Rove is a fat cat, too.  Neither one of them will be living in the car any time soon.

I heard Christine referred to several times this morning as “that woman.”  I am beginning to see a pattern here.  I guess she better brace for the Sarah Palin treatment.  But from the republicans?  Well, yes, I see it now, the “leaks” within the McCain campaign about Sarah’s clothes, et cetera, from those within the party who clearly did not have her best interests at heart.

I think Christine O’Donnell can win.  They said she couldn’t win the primary.  Wrong.  But I would rather have a democrat in that seat than someone like Castle, hands down.  At least then it would be a clear democrat vote and not  a shady so-called bi-partisan vote.

Now I am hearing the republican party is not going to support Christine O’Donnell.  Well, they didn’t support her for the primary and she won.  She can win the general without them.

Karl Rove and the republicans better get on board.  The Tea Party isn’t even a party in an organized sense, but it will be if the republicans turn against the Tea Party candidates.  Every time they declare things like that they are not going to fund or support the chosen candidates, the stronger the Tea Party gets.

Congratulations, Christine.  Onward and Upward.

Posted:  09.15.10


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