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Adding Nina Totenberg to collection of Look Alikes

I’m adding Nina Totenberg to this display and at the same time supporting the defunding of NPR.  I would say fire Nina but it would be better just to get rid of the whole thing.  She is rather notorious in her comments.  I just saw this one from last December where she apologized for using the word Christmas, after saying she went to a “Christmas Party.”  But even more interesting is the fact that the party was at the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice.  They ain’t cozy now.  Not one bit. Not a “lefty” either. Nope.

In lieu of defunding NPR, FOX should demand equal funding.  The New Fairness Doctrine.

Because it’s not the fact that NPR exists.  That’s fine.  It’s the fact that it is supported with tax money.  That should be stopped immediately.

Nina Totenberg

Here’s my previous collection of the results of a mix-up at the sperm bank. I remember a movie, and I think it was a true story, where the father of a whole bunch of children was the guy who was running the fertility clinic. We just have no idea who is related.

Bill Burton

David Plouffe

Alan Grayson

Anita Dunn

Nina Totenberg

Only liberals look like this.  Seriously.  🙂

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