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Shouts Allahu Akbar as he tries to grab Olympic flame from torch bearer

From Atlas Shrugs:

“Teenager shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he tries to grab Olympic flame from  torch bearer’s hands as police bundle runner to safety,” from the Daily Mail, July 20 (thanks to David):

A 17-year-old shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ –  Arabic for ‘God is Great’ – as he unsuccessfully tried to grab the  Olympic torch during a stretch of the flame’s route through Maidstone  towards Redhill.

Broadcast  live on the BBC, the youth lunged from the crowd to try to take the  torch from the hands of its bearer Anna Skora, but was swiftly bundled  away by officers.

In one video posted to YouTube he can be seen waiting behind a car and as Ms Skora gets closer he lunges towards the torch.

Attempt: The 17-year-old tried to wrestle the torch from Anna Skora

Attempt: The 17-year-old tried to wrestle the torch from Anna Skora

Bundled: The youth was taken away from Ms Skora before he could take the torchBundled: The youth was taken away from Ms Skora before he could take the torch

Ms Skora was about to hand over  the torch to Graham White, a Surrey charity worker, when the teenager  burst out of the crowd and tried to grab it.

He managed to get through the line of police officers escorting the torch as it headed through the town.

One  of the officers at the back of the group swiftly grabbed hold of Ms  Skora and the torch, guiding them to the opposite side of the road.

Four or five of the other torch guards then bundled the man to the side of the road where he was then arrested.

Ms Skora managed to keep the torch  upright throughout the ordeal and she continued to smile as she  completed her stretch of the Olympic flame relay.

The teenager is taken away and Ms Skora can continue her leg of the relayThe teenager is taken away and Ms Skora can continue her leg of the relay

The incident happened as the torch was being taken into Gravesend on Friday morning.

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Another story from the foreign press on the Obama trip

Probably not since the days of the Pharaohs or the more ludicrous Roman Emperors has a head of state travelled in such pomp and expensive grandeur as the President of the United States of America.

While lesser mortals – the Pope, Queen Elizabeth and so on – are usually happy to let their hosts handle most of the security and transport arrangements when they venture beyond their home shores, the United States creates a mini-America on the move to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1326962/Obamas-India-visit-security-erect-bomb-proof-tunnel-Gandhi-museum.html#ixzz14X5cU7XT

A man walks with a camel past a sand sculpture depicting President Barack Obama ahead of Obama’s arrival to the country, in Puri

Here you go, Anderson.  Another story to debunk.  CNN must cover for the president at all cost.  Get those investigative reporters out of mothballs.  Had the American press and media done some reporting on this story, which is really important as to the cost and purpose of the trip with unemployment in the U. S. still at 9.6 percent, then we would not have to rely on the foreign press for details and pictures.   And a lot of fabulous pictures, too.  Make sure you keep Michele Bachmann honest now.  Oh, and by the way, have you been able to uncover some trip she is taking wasting tax payers money yet?  I didn’t think so.

Are the Obamas going into exile?  I’m beginning to wonder.  Better check on that, Andy.

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Honey, Honey

How She Thrills Me.

Who is that girl exiled to a Greek Isle — uh, I mean, the French Caribbean?




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