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American Greed and the Corrupt American Media

There is a man named Rodney Haley formerly of Baltimore, Maryland, now serving 12 years in some federal prison somewhere for a number of crimes related to selling millions of dollars in renewable fuel credits from a total sham shell business he operated.  This is just a little drop of the fraud that has and is going on under the so called Clean Air Act or Green Energy.

This was aired tonight on CNBC’s American Greed program, which is a shocking marathon of ways in which crooks have managed to make millions conning others out of their money.

But this is not really about the outrageous crimes of Mr Haley, but more about the outrageous fraud, misleading, and deceptive news media

It was just a little thing, but is a perfect example of the way the corrupt media, in this case NBC, misrepresents and brainwashes the unsuspecting and gullible public.

In telling Mr. Haley’s story, they slip in a clip from 2005 of George W. Bush announcing something about renewable energy and then proceed to detail how this guy  easily collected  millions of dollars selling something that didn’t exist, the biofuel credit.  And it all took place during the Obama Administration and under the Obama EPA in the cesspool that is Baltimore, long after Bush had returned to Texas..

Not once was Obama’s name mentioned as presiding over this massive fraud because he must be protected at all times.  No, they had already set it up as being something to be  blamed on George W. Bush.  You would think Obama himself wrote the script because he is so expert in blaming Bush or the pentegon or Iraq or anything and anyone  for what is his own fault.  It was all approved by the Obama administration’s epa who had no intention of stopping him in any way.

Truth be told, Daley would still be carrying on with his fake business if it had not been for his neighbors who turned him in for parking numerous luxury vehicles all up and down the street in front of his house, creating a nuisance and hazard to those who lived  around him.

He should have bought him a warehouse somewhere to put his cars in, but I guess in addition to being so dishonest, he was also uncaring and disrespectful of his neighbors, thus his downfall.

My point is, listen closely to all so-called news programs or documentaries because they are filled with these little subtle tricks so easy to fall for.

The media really insults and disrespects Obama because they treat him like a mentally challenged little brother or something always jumping in to protect him



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AP wiretaps just a diversion to cover their failure to cover other Obama scandals

I believe the  AP story is either released or maybe even manufactured in order to cover for the press in their derilection of duty in covering all other scandals, including Benghazi and IRS.  This makes it look like the media was also a target of the administration, but I don’t believe it.  Hell, they probably turned it all over to them if they wanted it.

The AP (among most others) but the AP in particular, has been in the back pocket of the obama regime from the beginning.  I think the white house gives AP a story, they print it, and then all others pick it up because it has been given the seal of approval and supposed credibility by AP

Plus there is no way they care about the IRS targeting the tea party, et al, and they have known about it all along.  So they have covered that up, also.  They have all attacked the tea party and participated in the witch hunt..

And we know the entire corrupt media has been covering for the obama corruption and has been participating in the cover-up of Benghazi for months now.

So cry me a river over the AP!

Posted:  05.15.13 A. D. @ 1:50  a.m.

NOTE:  I know for a fact the Reuters was all in on the “video” story.  They had numerous pictures of the Benghazi scene on the internet right after the slaughter and the burning, and on each and every one of the photos, the caption mentioned that this was an uprising caused by “an offensive video insulting Islam.”  I saw this for myself within a day or two of the attack.  Now, this could have come from none other than obama and his administration, because they Made .It. Up.

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Raging liberal being tracked by law enforcement

Suspected Mass-Murderer’s Manifesto Endorses Hillary, Obama, Gun Control, Elite Media

Unhinged liberal on rampage.  Let’s see how much of the truth the corrupt media will report. 


They would be estatic if this were a “tea party type.” They love that theme so much they make things up..   Left wing nut job?  Nah. 

I do hate the corrupt, lying, media.

“The manifesto is thousands of word long and mentions dozens of people and topics. But politically, the manifesto is pretty clear.

“Which is why the media will downplay it with the same amount of energy they put into amplifying their lies.”

Posted:  02.07.13 A. D. @ 11:28 p.m.

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Don’t be a Puppet

Since December 14, 2012, the media,, everywhere, tv, radio, print, everywhere have been harping on gun control.  Even before the bodies were removed from the building, they launched into their propoganda.  They were much more intent on the gun issue than they were trying to get the facts right.  There was an astonishing barage of mis-information coming out from them.

Not a peep about Benghazi in the corrupt mainstream media.  Most people do not even know what that means – Benghazi.  I think it was meant as a joke, but it is seriously true, you ask the average person about Benghazi, they say Ben who?  The biggest story of the decade, the murder of four Americans, inluding the American Ambassador,  in a terrorist attack on an American Consulate in 2012 on 9/11, and there was no coverage to speak of.

The Ameerican people for the most part are being led around like  little puppy dogs or puppets on a string.  They decide what we will do and when we will do it.  If we don’t get a handle on this, they are going to lead us straight into hell.  We are at the door right now.  You can actually feel the heat and smell the stench.

Our constitutional rights are being slowly or not so slowly taken from us.  I would think every American would be alarmed.

We cannot listen to what the media are telling us and we cannot go where it is leading us.  This is because it is not about news any more, if it ever was.  It is a machine to wash your brain, to control you.

What happened to Questioning Authority?

It should make all of us infuriated to be manipulated and used by the left.  They are not for anybody but themselves.  And they are divided into maybe two parts.  There the diabolical ones who know exactly what they are doing and plan daily just exactly how they will do it.  They use us all by appealing to emotion and to the inate goodness and concern of most people.  They rip at our heart strings, using every emotion necessary from pity to envy, not for the good of the children, or the hungry, or the victims of Hurrican Sandy or Sandy Hook.  No, they do it for their own gain.  And the vile media in this country are behind them every step of the way.

Then there are the people who are used by them.  They guide us as to who to vote for, who is bad, who is good, what is accepted, what is not.

Once you see it though, they lose their power to control your mind and your actions.

Resist, question, don’t listen.  It is easy to go along with the crowd.  You get all the love and support in the world.  Look at David Gregory and Piers Morgan.  Grown men, educated men, rich men, who should stand on their own and take criticism, and the president of the United States makes a special effort to praise them, support them, give them medals, whatever good things can be bestowed, because they are following the agenda

Look at Bill Clinton, he should be fully disgraced.  I would not want to show my face in public if I had disgraced my country, my wife, my daughter, and myself as he has.  Yet, he gets awarded father of the year.

Just know that those who are constantly lauded and given a soft glove treatment are the very ones who are in the wrong.  The ones who are denegrated – mark it down – are the good guys.

Posted:  01.10.13 A D. @ 8:59 p.m.

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The Media Vultures of Newtown

…..the intense international media attention on Newtown is more than an odd nuisance. It’s hurting the people of Newtown at a time when their hearts are already broken beyond comprehension, they say. There are “no media” and “no press” signs taped up at various points around Newtown. At least one church strung up yellow caution tape to keep reporters at bay.

Media and traffic jams the downtown of Sandy Hook near the Elementary School. Many area residents were visiting the makeshift memorial at the school’s entrance as the community tries to come to grips with the shooting massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. (Peter Casolino)

Read more: Newtown to the media: You’re making this nightmare worse – The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/krieger/ci_22210288/newtown-media-youre-making-this-nightmare-worse#ixzz2Fcv8epMz

Posted:  12.20.12 A. D @ 4:01 p.m.

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Obama interviewed on Friday by radio host, Michael Smerconish – Benghazi cover-up continues

Related – EXPOSED: Hillary Asked For More Security In Benghazi, Murderer-By-Negligence Obama Said No

Excerpted from Fox News: President Obama said Friday he was “not personally aware” of any request for more security by U.S. diplomats in Libya before the Sept. 11 strike on the consulate.

The president addressed questions about those requests during an interview on “The Michael Smerconish Show.” Several weeks ago, former security officers testified on Capitol Hill that they had sought additional protection in the months leading up to the attack — further, a recently released cable from Ambassador Chris Stevens himself on the day of the attack noted “growing problems with security” in Benghazi.

“I was not personally aware of any request,” Obama said Friday, adding that there is an “infrastructure” in place to “manage requests.”

“Ultimately, though, any time there is a death of an American overseas, I want to find out what happened because my most important job as president is keeping the American people safe, and we will get to the bottom of what happened,” he said.

The White House had previously indicated that the State Department dealt with requests for security. That hasn’t stopped lawmakers from pressing the administration for more information. House Speaker John Boehner, in a letter Thursday, raised concerns about documented “security problems” in the country before the attack and asked when was the last time Obama was briefed by Stevens.

Stevens was killed along with three other Americans in that strike. In addition to concerns about security requests that were denied in the months leading up to the attack, sources have also told Fox News that a request for back-up from those at the CIA annex on site was also denied on the night of the attack.

Obama said Friday he “absolutely” plans to take action against whoever is responsible for the attack.

“My biggest priority right now is bringing those folks to justice and I think the American people have seen that’s a commitment I always keep,” Obama said. He also said he wants to make sure “they are captured” — without saying whether he would prefer they be captured, as opposed to killed.

Obama went on to defend his administration’s handling of the attack after the fact. As other officials have said, Obama said public statements made at the time about the nature of the attack were based on initial intelligence — and that nobody was playing politics.

Story from:  Pat Dollard – The War Starts Here http://alturl.com/h7j2g

He is making a point not to give a press conference and not to go on the MSM to try keep the public from being informed until after the election.  AND THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS HELPING HIM COVER IT UP.  NEW YORK TIMES IGNORES IN MASSIVE MEDIA CORRUPTION.  As Pat Caddell said last night, “the media is an enemy of the American people.”   I will add that so is our (soon to be ex-) president.

It is annoying beyond words to hear him refer to the savages who killed our people “those folks”.

Posted:  10.28.12 A. D. @ 1:05

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Disgusting media bias never stops

Just today, I saw these two examples of media bias.  I am sure there are many others, as we are being blatantly or slyly brainwashed in an effort to get obama re-elected.  And, of course, there was the debate which I believe was a staged event, probably with CNN and the  obama campaign in collusion, but no probably about it, Candy disgraced herself in bias.  She was like a mom and obama like a child, crying “Candy, Candy, Candy” when he got backed into a corner due to his lies and deceptions.  And Candy comes to the rescue on cue.

Little Tommy Tucker, Sang for his supper, Ma! Ma! Poor little innocent guy.

I get this image of a little boy tugging at his mommy’s coattails.

But back to these two examples:

Again and again and again, what you always see from our corrupt media is that as soon as one of their Corrupt Narratives turns against them — all of a sudden that Corrupt Narrative suddenly vanishes from the media dialogue. For months, all we heard from our Narrative Gatekeepers was favorability, favorability, favorability. And why? Because it helped Obama.


But we don’t hear a whole lot about favorability anymore, do we?

Why is that?

Here’s why:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has finally cleared what many aides have long seen as his biggest hurdle: A majority of voters now like him.



Us Magazine writes a story about the dresses worn by Ann Romney and Michelle Obama to the presidential debate.  Their headline reads:

“Ann Romney Wears $1,690 Oscar de la Renta Dress to Presidential Debate”

…..trying to advance the democrat/media hatefulness toward the Romneys for having money.

Yet, Michelle’s dress costs twice as much, $3,290. And that little detail was down in the story and did not rate the headline.

Now, honestly, if an issue is to be made of the cost, common sense would tell you that the one that cost the Most would rate the headline, right?  And besides that, Ann Romney bought her dress with her own money and anyway you look at it, Michelle is using money that came from the American people.

And, oh my god, I just thought of the ridiculous, stupid, childish way in which the obama media and the democrats have seized on a simple phrase about binders to try to find some negative narrative they can blast for days on end.  What an insult to women.  He made a perfectly good example of how he did a good thing in hiring women for the highest positions in his Mass cabinet, and all they can do is talk about binders?

Is there any fairness in the media?  No.  Only corruption.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/10/18/us-weekly-headline-blares-cost-ann-romney-dress-though-first-lady-cost-twice/#ixzz29nKi4r00


Posted:  10.19.12 A. D @ 8:30 p.m.

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