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“Take off your bedroom slippers”

Barack Obama is one strange individual

“take off your bedroom shoes?”

What is he talking about?  Is he a preacher or a president?  He has no empathy and it is Always All About Him.  He can’t hide it.  “Get on your marching shoes” for who?  For him and his re-election (which will never be I might add).  I counted 9 I’s in the short clip below.”  “We’ve got work to do C.B.C.”  He is talking down to his most ardent supporters and instead of showing some kind of understanding he is lecturing them.  No, lecturing is the wrong word, he is reprimanding them.

After all his vacations and golf games and parties, he has the “audacity” to tell any American to stop complaining and grumbling for asking him, where are the jobs? 

Posted:  09.27.11 @ 9:27 a.m.

Try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReeXzJYDsBM

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Black elected officials are on a racist rampage

Earlier today, we ran a story about Congressman Andre Carson shamelessly shouting RAAACISM! at the Tea Party, since the Left is losing so much power on a daily basis and the only weapon the Alinsky Rule book could summon was to accuse people of being racists in an effort to shut them up and stifle resistance to what the Left’s doing to this country.

It’s a classic, desperate move by the Left.


Oh, boy, you can just smell the fear.  First it was Maxine Waters (D) – elected official – “the tea party can go straight to hell” and now, Andre Carson (D) – elected official – “the tea party wants to see blacks hanging from trees.”  Can you believe this?

And the audience cheers.  Much like the congregation of Barack Obama’s church did, where he sat for 20 years, listening to his racist pastor railing on white people..

This is black racism and we are cowards if we do not speak out against this. 

I once heard someone claim that blacks can’t be racists.  Why?  Because they (supposedly) have no power.

Well, you can scrap that BS.  These are elected officials who are doing all this hate speech against the tea party and they are using the power of their elected positions.  I say damn them.  They have a whole lot more power than I will ever have and I am sick to death of being beat over the head with this crap.

We have a president who should be speaking out against this kind of hate speech, but of course, he will not.  He is probably leading the way, because this is his mindset. 

So let’s see now.  What is your excuse now for being racist?  The “no power” excuse is out.  Maybe if the black caucus gets together and thinks hard enough, they can come up with some other lame excuse for being the racists of the country.  They apparently have nothing more productive to do.

Posted:  08.31.11 @ 12:39 p.m.

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