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Obama depicted as Christlike figure on CNN

These people never cease to amaze me.  CNN (see video) today/yesterday showed an image of Obama somehow superimposed over a promotional poster of the movie “The Passion of Christ.”

This little guy, Tyson Wheatley, of CNN’s “i-reports” is beside himself over it.  He says the “artist” who created this was inspired by said poster and that he wanted to create something that depicted “pressure, strength, and uncertainty” all in one place and the darn thing makes it look like he has a crown of thorns on his head.  He used passages from the “Bible, campaign speeches, and from Julius Caesar” to put that last little touch on it.

Lord.  Lord.  And we still have problems?  I’m sure he can turn water into wine and paper into money.  What more do we need?  Oh, but that’s right, he is going to turn paper into money.

CNN is actually outdoing MSNBC on the Obama worship, I do believe.

Posted:  01.08.09


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