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Is the president a Sunni or a Shiite?

The muslim vs Christian fire is flaming.  Interestingly, nobody was talking about it, until the Pew poll came out which showed the American people really are unsure about the president’s religion.  The mainstream picked it up and have been obsessing on it now for days (along with the eggs recall).

I don’t know.  There’s just something a little curious about the fact that our president dropped the mosque bomb and then went on vacation while the issue went viral and the chaos took over.  Along about the same time, we have the muslim thing flaming up.   Wonder what this grand distraction is about.

I caught about three minutes of Chris Matthews last night and I was shocked at his frantic, lunatic ranting about the fact that so many people think our president is a muslim.  You would have to see it.  Almost foaming at the mouth.  Of course, blaming the republicans for it.  Although I do think George Bush is off the hook on this one since the far left, even including Eugene Robinson, is longing for the “religious tolerance” of Bush.  Bush remains silent, by the way.  He ain’t as dumb as you think.

But, Lord have mercy, who knew the far left wing media would think there is something so wrong with the president of the United States being a muslim.

I am interested in it – just because….just because I’m a bitter clinger and I think, yeah, the president of the United States just might be a muslim.  There’s lots of jokes in there for Jeff Foxworthy….if you (fill in the blank) you just might be a muslim.

I have always thought the matter could be laid to rest if when he presents his real birth certificate, he presents his certificate of baptism as well.  He doesn’t seem to be in possession of too many documents. But why do you think the white house, just right out of the blue brought out his passport?  Nobody asked him about his passport. Nobody was talking about his passport.  But there’s some blurry dates on there.  Reminds me of big foot or the loch ness monster.  Hazy pictures, lots of sightings, but never any real proof.

Seriously, does it matter if we have a muslim president?

Does it matter that, if we do, we also have one of the biggest liars that ever lived in the white house.

He has said he is a Christian.  He made a rather big deal out of it during the campaign.  Then it came out that his one and only confirmation is his membership in the Trinity Church of Christ, the weirdest church I have Ever seen or heard tell of.

Somewhere I had heard that the Trinity Church did not require members be baptized and that they could retain their muslim faith and be members as well. Denominations bicker and disagree about it a lot as to the form it should take, immersion, sprinkling, so forth, but I don’t believe I’ve heard of a church that does not require it. Baptists say you don’t have to be baptized to be saved, but if you are saved, you will be baptized and, upon profession of faith in Christ, you will be scheduled pretty quickly.

But I do not believe you could convert from a muslim to a Christian without being baptized because the renunciation of the old would be just as important as the announcement of the new.


White house spokesman, Bill Burton added, “The president is obviously a Christian. He prays everyday.”

Would that be five times a day?

Posted:  08.24.10

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He Arose

Low in the grave He lay, Jesus my Savior,
Waiting the coming day, Jesus my Lord!


Up from the grave He arose,
With a mighty triumph o’er His foes,
He arose a Victor from the dark domain,
And He lives forever, with His saints to reign.
He arose! He arose!
Hallelujah! Christ arose!

Vainly they watch His bed, Jesus my Savior;
Vainly they seal the dead, Jesus my Lord!


Death cannot keep its Prey, Jesus my Savior;
He tore the bars away, Jesus my Lord!

Words & Music:Ro­bert Low­ry, 1874

Posted:  04.01.10


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Early Morning Prayer Meeting at Blago’s Chicago Home (Updated)

A group of pastors were at Governor Blagojevich’s home  in Chicago this morning.  The Chicago Sun Times has a play by play @http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/blagojevich/1328254,blagojevich-meets-with-reverends-121208.article

Rev. Marshall Hatch of the New Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church

Rev. Steve Jones,  President of Baptist Pastor’s Conference

Rev. Leonard Barr, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

And Rev. Ira Acree, Greater St. John Bible Church, were in attendance at the early morning meeting.

Illinois Governor

Governor Blagojevich greets pastors

Illinois Governor

Rev. Hatch, (shaking hands), Rev. Acree, and Rev. Jones

Illinois Governor

Rev. Leonard Barr and wife, Rita

Hmm.  I am all for prayer but does anybody else think it is a little unusual for at least four Baptist ministers to come to a home as early in the morning as 8:00  a.m. for prayer? Remember the old song, If Jesus Came to Your House?  It could be a little unnerving.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOM1okyHx6E

Maybe this sheds a little light on it:  http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2007/05/thought_it_migh.html This list is not in alphabetical order, but all four of these pastors are on it.

Posted:  12.12.08   Updated:  12.12.08 11:00 p.m.

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Jeremiah Wright’s Anti-American and Hateful Sermons.






What a shock it was when I found out about the church Senator Obama has been a member of for 20 years.

At the beginning of his campaign. I had tears in my eyes listening to his call for unity and change in our country. In reality, his campaign has brought about the greatest divisions I can remember, setting the country back to the 50’s, and leaving the democratic party broken down the middle.

He has finally left this church — finally — but reluctantly and with sadness. Unbelievable. And this is only ONE example of the radical associations he has had over the past 20 years since he has been in the continental United States, after having grown up in Indonesia and Hawaii. Stunning.

Posted: 06.21.08  Revised: 10.15.08

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What Happened to Separation of Church and State?



DENVER – The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) announced today the highly-regarded religious leaders and musical artists who will serve as featured speakers and performers at the first-ever Democratic National Convention interfaith gathering, kicking off the 2008 Convention. The interfaith gathering will be held at 2:00 pm MT, Sunday, August 24 at the Wells Fargo Theater, inside the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

Invocators and Benedictors to Include Pastor Joel Hunter, Rabbi David Saperstein, Sister Catherine Pinkerton, Reverend Cynthia Hale, Archbishop Demetrios, Cameron Strang.  (Strang pulled out at the last minute and did not appear.)

Imam Abdur-Rahim Ali of the Northeast Denver Islamic Center, Rabbi Steven Foster from Congregation Emmanuel, lifelong Democratic leader Polly Baca, human rights leader Reverend Lucia Guzman and Buddhist participant and University of Colorado Denver student Kathryn Ida will be part of the local faith community represented at the event.

This is the first time a celebration of this nature has been part of a Democratic National Convention. Delegates, elected officials, local residents, musical guests and spiritual leaders from many communities of faith will come together for this unique gathering. In addition to the speakers’ remarks, the program will include readings from diverse religious texts, prayers and musical selections.

First Ever interfaith gathering.  Is this the beginning of the change that Barack Obama is talking about?  This has no place whatsoever in a political convention.  This is a dangerous precedent for a country that believes in the separation of church and state, and this is way over the line to make religion an official part of the convention, a convention that is using $17 million of the taxpayer’s money.

I’m not buying what Barack is selling.  This just strengthens my resolve.  This is “different Kind of Convention” to be sure.



Here’s a video of the entire service from CSPAN:


If this isn’t the merging of church and state, I don’t know what is.

Posted:  08.24.08  Revised:  08.25.08


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What Color Are You?

Here’s the height of the double standard when Imus is under fire for actually having the race discussion Obama was talking about. He actually asked what color is he? (sarcasm)

In our churches, we have been singing “red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight”, and then we find out people like Wright and Pfleger are preaching that white people are the sole cause of any and all things that have gone wrong in the world. Come on. Have we lost our minds?

Please listen and watch this video for a little perspective on the question of race.

Has anybody looked into the Supreme Court decision involving “public figures” lately. Imus has the Supreme Court on his side.


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