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He Lives

he is risen empty tomb

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Hallelujah – Easter Adaption

Lyrical adaption – By permission.

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How Progressives Pray…

THIS IS HOW HE BEGINS THE “PRAYER”:  Mother Earth, we gather today in your redeeming and glorious presence, to invoke your eternal guidance in the universe, the original Creator of all things.

May the efforts of this council blend the righteousness of Allah with the all-knowing wisdom of Satan……

And it just goes on, blasphemy upon blasphemy.

How Progressive Moonbats Pray….

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Glory to God in the Highest

For unto us is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

He Himself  is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not for our sins only but for the
sins of the whole world.

Some Happy Music and Blessings


(suffer through the ad at the beginning – it’s worth it)

Wise men still seek Him.

Posted:  12.22.12 A. D. at 12:56 p.m.

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Manny Pacquiao feels the wrath of the “loving liberals”

The “tolerant” same-sex marriage left has struck again – this time, at the popular hangout The Grove, in Los Angeles. The owner of The Grove, Rick Caruso, tweeted that iconic boxing great and Philippines Congressman Manny Pacquiao would not be allowed “on the premises” thanks to Pacquiao’s outspoken opposition to same-sex marriage. “Boxer Manny Pacquiao is not welcome @TheGroveLA,” he tweeted. “@TheGroveLA is a gathering place for all Angelenos, not a place for intolerance.” Pacquiao was supposed to do an interview today with “Extra” at The Grove.  http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/05/16/Pacquiao-banned-LA-Mall

Look at this family.  America giving opportunity and lifting them up with success.  I am not a boxing fan, so this is the first I have heard of him.  Very, very sad.  The man is a Christian and he has stated his beliefs.  This is obama’s America where opinions are met with persecution.  Next these liberals are going to start throwing the Christians to the lions while they cheer from the colisium.  It is the same spirit driving them.

The guy is an obama supporter, but yet absolutely not allowed by the bully left to disagree with him.  My only hope is maybe he will open his eyes to what the far left is all about.  Remember what they did to Juan Williams when he strayed a bit.  He is still chattering on with his democrat talking points as far as I know, even though it was conservatives who stood for him and with him when he was attacked.

I see they call this fighter Pacman.  He can go either way, I guess.  He can cave and bow down and kiss their feet and beg and grovel for forgivness or he can stand his ground and tell them to go eat dirt.  I hope it’s the latter.

Honest to God, I am pretty hard, but this breaks my heart.

P. S.:  He clarified his statement.  I knew what he meant.  It was the reporter who mislead by including a scripture that was not referenced by Pacquiao.


Posted:  05.16.12 @ 7:46 p.m. Update:  05.16,12 @12:36 a.m.

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Bishops will not bow to the idols made of obama

He started this.  The time is at hand to make the stand.  He is a real piece of work, taking on the church, the supreme court, the rule of law, just trying to undermine the entire constitution.  If he is able to rip this consitution, which is his utmost desire, we are all going to be eating dog meat for a long time to come.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has taken a bold stand for religious freedom. In a recent statement, titled “Our First, Most Cherished Liberty,” the bishops call for repeal of contraception coverage mandated by the Department of Health and Human Services. The clarified position sets up a dramatic confrontation with the Obama administration—and would, if the bishops prevail, help preserve the religious liberty of all Americans.

Barack Obama listens to a question from a guests attending the Health Care Summit.

The HHS mandate requires employers to provide insurance coverage for contraception and sterilization services. It is, according to the bishops, an “unjust law.” They write: “It cannot be obeyed and therefore one does not seek relief from it, but rather its repeal.”

The statement is a rebuke of President Obama and the so-called accommodation his administration proposed in February. It also raises the stakes between the president and the leaders of America’s Catholic Church.

The bishops call on Catholics in America, “in solidarity with our fellow citizens,” not to obey the law. They implicitly compare the HHS regulation to a segregation-era statute, and even cite Martin Luther Kind Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” In a not-so-subtle manner, the bishops tell the Obama administration that they are willing to go to prison rather than comply with the mandate’s provisions.


Posted:  04.23.12 @ 8:52 a.m.

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“We need to pass the bill (Obamacare) to see what is in it” Pelosi said

“The federal government should do what it’s traditionally done since July 4, 1776, namely back out of intruding into the internal life of a church,” (Cardinal Designate Timothy Dolan)

We are beginning to find out what is in Obamacare, aren’t we, and this is just the tip of the iceberg..  This is a direct and blatant violation of the First Amendment.  Amazing how  barack obama  and his minions are disrespecting the Constitution of the United States.  For years all I have heard is “separation of church and state,” but now we see that is only used to rip the ten commandments, manger scenes, crosses, et cetera from public view and prayer and bible reading from schools and public meetings and gatherings, which was a stretch to begin with.   This – preventing the intrusion of government into religion – is really what the First Amendment was talking about.  And this is only the beginning if we don’t rid ourselves of this “obamanation” in the white house.  And it also should be noted the democrats in congress are standing behind their leader.  Anybody who is registered democrat should run not walk to change their affiliation.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There was a sharp rebuke Wednesday from Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan that put even more pressure on the president to calm a widening election year uproar. The issue at hand was the president’s insistence that Catholic institutions provide free birth control to their employees.

Dolan came to the South Bronx to bless a library, but he had no blessings — just harsh words — for President Barack Obama, who wants Catholic institutions to pay for birth control, the morning after pill and other services for people who work for them.


“The federal government should do what it’s traditionally done since July 4, 1776, namely back out of intruding into the internal life of a church,” Dolan told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

All denominations and factions of Christianity need to put aside their differences and all people who name the Name of Chirst should unite to stand against this violation of freedom of religion.


Posted:  02.09.12 @ 10:27 a.m.

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