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Charlie Rangel and the democrat War on Guns and the south

Concerning guns, Rep. Charlie Rangel made the following statement:  “Some southern areas have cultures we have to overcome……”

Well, I beg your pardon, Mr. Rangel.  And I have heard others try to advance almost any problem, but particularly in the newly instigated war on guns, as somehow a “southern” problem.

And so I beg all y’all’s damn pardon who would seek to pin something on the south.

In the shooting tragedies of most recent prominance and brought up as examples of mass shootings are Littleton High School, Gaby Giffords’ shooting, Bat Man Movie shooting,  Sikh Temple, and, of course, Sandy Hook Elementary School.

So, let’s see –

Littleton High School – Colorado

Gaby Giffords Shooting – Arizona

Bat Man Theatre Shooting – Colorado

Sikh Temple Shooting – Wisconsin

Sandy Hook Elementary – Connecticut

Not a single southern state among them.  Not one.

There were several rallies this past Saturday to support the 2nd Amendment.  It’s interesting, the places where they were held.  Just a few:

Austin Texas, perhaps the one with most attendance Albany New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Alabama, Utah,  Arizona, Idaho, Boston Mass.,  Tennessee, Maine, Atlanta Georgia., Washington State, and others.

Two or three southern states, but mostly not.

There are people all over who are standing up in support of the Second Amendment, and it is not, as Mr. Rangel says, some kind of southern culture that needs to be overcome.

The hypocrits need to stop just making things up.

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Selling out for an 18-pound turkey

Charlie Rangel really has no shame.  He, and apparently a lot of his constituents, don’t think he has done anything wrong.

According to the New York Times, on Tuesday he was passing out turkeys to a lucky 120 holders of tickets at the Martin Luther King Political Club – after having his name chanted upon his arrival.  How they got the tickets I’m not sure.

He says:

“These people here are not the least bit concerned about anything but how they’re going to get their families together on Thanksgiving,” Mr. Rangel said. “It just seems to me that I have a moral obligation to take care of them — and then, when I get to Washington, take care of me.”

Take care of them?

Inside the political club, as photographers captured his forced smiles, Mr. Rangel loudly took charge, herding recipients toward the free groceries and whistling with two fingers to clear a path to the door. For about 20 minutes, he handed out 18-pound Butterballs — donated by the nearby Fairway supermarket, a club member said — and bags of fixings, accepting heartfelt thank-yous, handshakes and expressions of loyalty in return.

I think the most interesting detail is he is just passing out turkeys donated by a grocery store.  He did not buy the turkeys.  Yet he is herding and whistling and accepting all the thank yous and all the praise and chants.  Says a lot about him, as if his character, or lack thereof, is in question.  He makes about $175,000 a year salary plus benefits – and you could say he has availed himself of many “benefits.”  He could have bought the turkeys.  Then he may deserve some credit.  But passing them out at a photo op does not count.

And he was re-elected.

A famous person once said, “Leave them alone.  They are the blind leading the blind and they will both fall in the ditch.”

Posted:  11.25.10

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