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Juan Williams learns the hard way

Juan Williams says, “I used to think the left wing was the home of tolerance, open-mindedness, and respect for all viewpoints but I learned the truth the hard way.”

Yep, that’s right.  The far left progressives are the most narrow-minded, intolerant people on the face of the earth.  It’s no wonder we can’t have a conversation about race or anything else in this country because a person can easily lose their livelihood and reputation for an opinion not approved by them.

I hope this opens eyes as to the true nature of the left-wing and their McCarthy-like retribution and black listing of opposing view points.  This includes the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, and other organizations and people who pretend to represent a particular group.

Goodness knows, I don’t agree with Juan Williams, but the vicious attacks of the extremists on the left must be stopped.  Oddly enough, the extremists I am talking about in this case are partially tax funded.  Ms. Shiller even went further to not only fire Mr. Williams but is trying to ruin his reputation as well.  This is what they do to completely shut down opposing opinions and any true dialogue in this country.  Kinda’ makes you think of communism.

Posted:  10.23.10


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McCain Pulls Ads From Sites Critical of Obama

  • John McCain campaign ads appeared on Web sites that are strongly anti-Obama
  • McCain aide says the ads are placed by Google and campaign doesn’t choose sites
  • He says the offending sites have been added to list of blocked URLs
  • There are basically 3 sites involved, and they purportedly attack Barack Obama’s character; one compares him to Hitler. 
  • http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/07/01/mccain.ads/index.html?eref=rss_politics


     These three sites are the ones complained of:  Stop-Obama.org,  Obama WTF (What’s The Facts?), and Savage Politics.com. 

    • “One Web site, called Stop-Obama.org, is a group blog written by disaffected Clinton supporters, some of whom are now supporting McCain. A banner ad featuring McCain standing side-by-side with Joe Lieberman was running on the site until Monday.”

    Quoting from Stop Obama.org, they indicate their site was hacked in April, 2008, see below:

    “Hacking a political site, and making it inaccessible to readers, is a form of “grassroots” censorship. It bespeaks a fascist, anti-democratic mindset.

    “I can announce, that our Admin spent most of the night trying to get our site back up. Not only was our site brutally hacked, and made inaccessible to visitors – our content was trashed, and if not for a timely back-up by our Admin (I mean very timely) he says we would have recovered only eight articles out of our previous total of more than a hundred.”    http://www.stop-obama.org/?p=223

    Here’s the website for Stopobama.org   http://www.stop-obama.org/


    Quoting from the website called Obama WTF below:

    “Obama WTF (What’s The Facts?) is the original, and most comprehensive, authoritative site about the life, votes, and positions of Senator Obama and his political backers. As his campaign is based on words… not on a proven track-record… if his words are not supported by facts, there’s nothing left but an empty blue suit.”   http://obamawtf.blogspot.com/ 


    From the website SavagePolitics.com below:

    Purpose of the blog is stated:  “Tired of the Mainstream Media’s stranglehold on the term “Journalism” solely to inject highly biased opinions into our National subconscious, Savage Politics (founded by J. Cifre, J.D.) is here to bring smart and honest analytical “Editorials”, breaking away from the hypocritical mantle of “the Press”…..  http://savagepolitics.com/

    • “The McCain campaign pulled the ads after being notified by CNN.
    • “When the campaign is made aware of ads appearing on offensive or irrelevant Web sites, Rogers said, they notify the ad distributor and have the sites added to a list of blocked URLs. He noted the McCain campaign has already blocked “tens of thousands” of such sites.”

    Censorship and Control.  I can only hope I’m not declared offensive or irrelevant for writing about this.

    Posted:  07-02-08

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