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Alan Keyes, Catholic priest, others, arrested for trespassing at Notre Dame

Obama Notre Dame Former Republican presidential hopeful Alan Keyes, a Roman Catholic priest and 19 others were arrested Friday after marching onto the University of Notre Dame campus to protest President Barack Obama‘s planned commencement speech.

All 21 arrested were charged with trespassing. Keyes and five others were ordered held in the St. Joseph County Jail until Monday because it was their second time being arrested on a charge of trespassing at Notre Dame, said Sgt. Bill Redman, St. Joseph County Police Department spokesman. Bond was set at $250 for the others.

I was in favor of President Obama speaking, not for what he believes or does not believe but because he is President of the United States.

But this is crazy.

If I read this correctly, these people have been arrested previously for trespassing and are already out on bond.  So a new rule was imposed that they will be held until they can get a hearing, so they will be in jail over the weekend and can’t participate in any protest.

Posted:  05.15.09


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