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Cass Sunstein and Samantha Power

By The Reliable Source  |  April 24, 2009; 2:47 PM ET:

New Baby for New D. C. Power Couple

Samantha (Hillary is a Monster) Power (Walter Chin/Penguin Press via Bloomberg News)

Washington’s newest power couple is now. . . a power trio. Superstar academics turned top Obama officials Samantha Power and Cass Sunstein are celebrating today’s birth of Declan Power-Sunstein. Seven pounds, eight ounces, the happy father tells us. Power, 38, is the Harvard foreign-policy scholar whose comments about Hillary Clinton led to her departure from the Obama campaign; she’s now with the National Security Council. Sunstein, 54, is the longtime University of Chicago law professor nominated to head the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. They met on the Obama campaign, married in Ireland last summer.

They married July 8, 2008.

Cass Sunstein has one daughter, Ellyn, through his first wife, Lisa Ruddick.

Ellyn is rumored to be the Obama Troll called Ellie Light. Or maybe it was Samantha herself…..

Martha Nussbaum, Professor, University of Chicago, was Cass Sunstein’s partner before Samantha came into the picture, although the picture may have blurred a bit as to when Martha went out and Samantha came in.

“Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions,” is a book that Sunstein co-edited with then-girlfriend Martha Nussbaum. In that book, Sunstein set out an ambitious plan to give animals the legal “right” to file lawsuits..







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What price is life? Peter Singer and Obamacare

Wow.  I can hardly believe what I am reading here.  I started out trying to double-check or verify my memory on a couple of statements by our president when discussing health care.

One being a statement he made about his grandmother:  The “question was,” Obama said, “does she get hip-replacement surgery, even though she was fragile enough they were not sure how long she would last?”  I am still checking but it seems he did make this or similar statements at least two times (May 3/NYT and June 24/ABC.)

The other statement I wanted to verify was one where he answered a lady from the audience (ABC) saying that rather than a pacemaker, a pain killer might be more appropriate (and cheaper, implication being).  The red pill?  Or the blue pill?  I know he made that red pill blue pill statement because I heard that live.  There is a video of him answering the woman about her elderly mother and it seems he did say something about taking a pain killer but it’s one of his long, rambling answers so who knows what he said.  Here’s a link to the entire statement on video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJYvaLS-xOw

BUT beyond those very revealing statements about what Obamacare has in store for Americans and his own mindset concerning the same, I came across PETER SINGER.  He is a Princeton professor of bioethics and he wrote an article at NYT.com/magazine about rationing of health care and how it must be done.  This is not some old writing either but dated July 15, 2009.  Peter Singer is a real piece of work and caused some controversy when he was first hired at Princeton (I believe 1999) and no wonder.

He has come up with these equations  such as “one teenager is worth (blank) 85 year olds.”  I guess maybe he has not come up with the number of old people worth the one teenager.  I suppose this will be up to the government committee or maybe the health czar.  I find this shocking.

The following are Peter Singer quotes.  This comes from an older source:

“I do think that it is sometimes appropriate to kill a human infant. For me, the relevant question is, what makes it so seriously wrong to take a life?  Those of you who are not vegetarians are responsible for taking a life every time you eat. Species is no more relevant than race in making these judgments.”

and “A human being doesn’t have value simply in virtue of being a human…..”

and “I don’t believe in the existence of God, so it makes no sense to me to say that a human being is a creature of God. It’s as simple as that.”

Here’s a couple of links:



I will be reading more to see if Princeton Professor Singer and Barack Obama have any connections to indicate if and how Obama has been influenced by Singer, or maybe even formulated his ideas on health care based on some of his equations.  Seems likely that he did to me.

I can’t read too much more right now.  It makes me ill.  My opinion:  This is about as anti-American, anti- Christian as anything could be.  The word evil comes to mind.

UPDATE:  There are two Obama czars who seem to have ideas in conformity with Singer – Cass Sunstein, Obama Regulatory Czar and John Holdren, Obama Science Czar.  There is not much about them that is easily available (can’t imagine why).  There was a question posed on Answer.com about them but the post has been deleted.  Sunstein is a advocate of animal rights to the point of giving them a right to sue in court.  Not sure how they would do that, but…..John  Holdren is a eugenicist and has a history of advocating population control and sterilization. (http://zombietime.com/john_holdren/)

Also, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama healthcare advisor.http://rightsoup.com/rahms-brother-dr-ezekiel-emanuel-the-death-czar/ 

So I have said I guess a hundred times, birds of a feather flock together.  And who is at the center of the flock? – none other than Barack Obama.  From his mentors throughout life to his choices of all the czars, they are all far out of the mainstream of America.  He has over 30 czars now and this is where he’s putting the more controversial people.

I know one thing without a shadow of a doubt, I don’t want Peter Singer, John Holdren, and Cass Sunstein with their hands anywhere near our health care.  I mean, this stuff is extreme, shocking, and radical.  And are they somewhere in some obscure college or something – no, they are the president’s right-hand men, and answer to no one but him.  (Well, Singer is not but I think he is somewhere in the shadows pretty close at hand.)  And this is why we cannot sit by and let these ungodly beliefs creep in.  And creep is to put it mildly.  They are at the door!!

Posted:  07.28.09  Update:  07.28.09 @ 7:36 p.m. Updated:  07.29 @ 1:22 p.m.

Update:  Knowing how much the conservative is hated by the left, I wonder what weight of value Singer and company would put on a conservative life?  Probably minus zero.  A tea bagger or a birther would be snuffed out like a roach.

How would it feel to have your fate in the hands of those who do not think human life necessarily has value?   Talk about insanity, this would be insanity.  This whole thing is about much much more than health care or health insurance.

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