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Casey Anthony case, Saturday session, some Casey drama

Saturday morning testimony brings Tony Lazarro back to the stand to read an IM conversation between he and Casey after a deputy had come to Tony’s apartment and searched it.

This video below is during a recess, jury not present.  Her mother is testifying and Casey mouths angry words and cries.  Some have said she is saying something to the effect, “she hasn’t cried for three years, now she cries on the stand.”   There’s not much doubt she is mad.  See comments on You Tube.

Cindy’s testimony contained very detailed stories that Casey had told as to the whereabouts of Caylee.  It was amazing the fabrications, even to some story about going to Tampa with Zanny the nanny (a non-existent person) and others, having a wreck with Zanny ending up in the hospital with a concussion.  She told Cindy she was at Universal Studios (at a non-existent job) with Caylee who was in an activity group while Casey was in a meeting or something.  Cindy decides to actually go to Universal Studios only to find out Casey was not there but in Jacksonville.  (Cindy phoned her or texted her from outside to come out and talk to her as she could not go in without special ID)  Don’t know where Casey really was.  It kind of surprised me the detail, the intricate detail, to which Cindy was able to remember these stories and she related them on the stand as if they were true.  So did Cindy believe Casey?  I don’t think she did but she wanted to believe her.  This inability to see or face the truth is the making of all kinds of sick behavior.  And I notice it a lot in people, especially in relation to politics,  who want to believe in someone so bad they make all manner of excuses for them and they delude themselves.  It does become a mental disorder when everything one believes is based in a lie.  Her whole life was a made up story.

Posted:  05.28.11 @ 6:20 p.m.

Amazing web site with unbelivable amount of info, details, photos, transcripts, timelines, just about anything you might want to know about the case:  http://www.acandyrose.com/caylee_anthony_directory_index.htm



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