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How far we have come since January, 2010

We’ve come a long way, baby.

Just think. Last year this time, we were reeling from the ramming of Obamacare through the congress, in the midnight hour. All the power was in the House and the Senate and the presidency in the hands of the democrats, including their mouthpiece the mainstream media.

The republicans had been written off, declared to be out of power for at least the next 40 years. Maybe a little hope of gaining a couple seats here and there. It looked pretty bleak. But the tea pot was percolating.

What a difference a year makes.

The republicans took control of the House in November, gaining more than 60 seats. (I can’t seem to find an exact number on that. I goes from 60 to 65.)

It’s only January 21st and Obamacare has been repealed in the House of Representatives. A huge victory. Will Harry Reid have the courage to have a vote on it in the Senate?

The republicans have written a bill for deep spending cuts, amounting to $2.5 Trillion dollars.

Nancy Pelosi had her big fine office in the brand new $621 million dollar Visitor Center, .which opened in 2008. (Congress added $88 million to the original project budget to build office space for the House of Representatives and Senate) I’m sure she thought she would inhabit that new office until they had to take her out on a stretcher.

Visitor comment: “House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office has a huge arched marble foyer and the words, “House speaker Nancy Pelosi” is in fancy swish letters above the threshhold of the foyer, not even the door, I’m talking about THE ENTRANCE TO THE ENTRANCE, like you are about to enter a shrine.”

Now she’s in the small office she designed for the minority leader and John Boehner is in the one she designed for herself.

The mainstream media just attempted once again to run over and silence conservative voices (tea party, Sarah Palin, talk radio) and they fell flat on their faces. They ended up looking a bunch of buffoons and actually gained support and credibility for our side, while proving themselves to be utterly incapable of covering a major event without trying to score politically. Of course, they did not even try to do anything but report a fantasy narrative that they wanted to promote. They think the American people are reeeal dumb.

I have seen a poll that said only 15 percent believed them, another up to 35 percent, which is only the small MSNBC audience who will believe anything. That leaves the vast majority of Americans and independent voters not buying anything they are saying. They will never again be able to float a big lie and have anybody believe them.

The American people love fairness and anybody could see, when looking at the real facts, that they were shamelessly promoting a lie. Some continue to do it, defending themselves and doubling down. That’s good. It’s just perfect that they re-enforce their unreliability.

So it’s all good. We have the wind at our back. On to 2012 when we take the white house.

Posted: 01.21.11

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In God We Trust

Just ahead of the opening of the Capitol Visitor Center in 2008, conservative lawmakers protested the factual inaccuracies and the omission of historical religious content in the Center.

During an initial tour, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) noticed that the phrase “E. Pluribus Unum” – Latin for “from many, one” – was erroneously described as the national motto rather than “In God We Trust.”

Congress passed a joint resolution directing Ayers [Architect of the Capitol, Stephen Ayers, appointed by Obama to a 10 year term] to engrave “In God We Trust” and the Pledge of Allegiance prominently in the center.

The Office of the Architect of the Capitol has approximately 2,600 employees and an annual budget of nearly $600 million.

This was challenged in court and thrown out because the challenging party had no standing. They may try again.

This is the Visitor Center that, at its opening, Harry Reid referenced the “smelly Americans” who had been bothering him.

The most jarring and important point to me is that the E Pluribus Unum had already been engraved in the stone upon somebody’s decision and instruction. I’d like to know who. This is a prime example of the underhanded campaign – yes it is a campaign – to remove God from our history and from our lives today. Socialism and God do not go well together. And don’t you know if whoever is behind this could, they would remove every reference to God in Washington, D. C.. but lucky for us they really are “carved in stone.”

All I can say is we really have to pay attention. These are sneaky, shrewd (so and so’s – I restrain myself)  who are relying on our complacency.

The website called “Americans United” posted this:

November 2009 People & Events

Months of carping by the Religious Right and its allies paid off in September when the words “In God We Trust” were chiseled into the main hall of the Capitol Visitor Center.

Carping?  🙂  I didn’t even know about this so I have only just begun to carp.

Posted:  10.03.10

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