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Congressman speaks out against Mexican Calderon

Congressman Tom McClinton of California on the House floor yesterday after the disgraceful spectacle of the President of Mexico being cheered on by the mexi-democrats for lecturing this country on our immigration laws, actually taking sides against a state filled with American citizens.  About 85 percent of the American people agree with Arizona’s law.  At least Mr. McClinton did state his position here, but all after the fact, and too darned lukewarm for me.   It’s time for some passion.

This would have been a wonderful time for a little civil unrest by the republicans and any self-respecting democrats, be there any.

We are such a bunch of wusses in this country.  If we are not going to fight now, then when?  We are losing our country.  Do we not care?  Are we going to just sit by and let it happen?

Don’t forget that Calderon did not just jump up and force the speech, he was invited, wined and dined, and put up to it by the (alleged) president.

Posted:  05.21.10

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