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More sabotage: Feds order Louisiana to stop building sand berms (Update)

The government of the United States of America is at war with the States.

After giving their permission on June 2nd,  they – the Department of Interior – have now ordered Louisiana to stop building the sand berms being constructed to try to minimize the damage caused by the oil geyser in the Gulf.

Why is the federal government doing everything they can to destroy the Gulf Coast?  They stop the barges, now they order the construction of the berms.  A federal judge orders that the moratorium on drilling be lifted and the feds say they will appeal.

In addition to all this, Eric Holder’s justice department is suing the State of Arizona.

Looks like the federal government is at war with the states.  Big black Obama boots on the neck of parts of his own country. Have we ever in history seen a president react this way?

It is a fact they are taking sides against everything Louisiana and Arizona are trying to do to help themselves, in the absence of the federal government exercising their responsibilities.

It could not be worse if a foreign government were attacking these states.  And, in fact, in the case of Arizona, it is a foreign government attacking them.  The one thing the government is supposed to be doing they are not doing.  And that is protecting the country.

I hope Louisiana continues to pump sand.  See if the Obama administration will force them to stop.  It’s bad enough that the government has not done their duty to help the states, but it is criminal they are doing what they can to impede the states from protecting themselves.

We have a disaster and all our government can do is worry about some “sensative area?”  NOTHING could be worse than allowing that oil to destroy the entire Gulf of Mexico.

We need a new leader and fast.

Keep pumping that sand, Jindal.  Make them force you to stop.


It’s beyond belief that the man who claimed to be a great uniter is managing to pit citizen against citizen and now even chipping off states to attack.  The United States of America is becoming every man for himself.  I think the states are still united, but not in the eyes of the one in charge.

Day 66




Florida GOP Sen. George LeMieux took the Senate floor yesterday (Monday)to blast the Obama administration’s pathetic management of the Gulf oil disaster.

“61 days ago is when the tragedy started. We are here 61 days later, we still have this tremendous pouring of oil from the bottom of the sea floor into the Gulf of Mexico.

In fact, the amount of oil that is coming into the gulf now equals the size of the Exxon Valdez oil spill every 2 1/2 days.

And yet while this oil continues to gush and while we have hope that the containment dome will capture more and more of this oil as it comes from the bottom of the ocean, we are still seeing a weak, at best, response from the federal government in trying to keep this oil from coming ashore…..”



(My count is that Monday was Day 64.  I think we both may be off.  Anyway, it happened on April 20, 2010, a full two months ago.)

UPDATE:  Can it get any worse?  Yes.

The containment system capturing oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill had to be removed Wednesday, leaving the gusher unchecked after a collision involving a robotic submarine, US officials said.

Posted:  06.23.10


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Obama goes golfing AGAIN

For four hours yesterday, our alleged president played golf with the vice president, as if to smear the nation’s face in the oil.  But before he did that, he took a little time to blame the republicans for the condition of the country and to fly Air Force One to Ohio on Friday for a ten minute speech using at least $500,000 in fuel.

Can you believe this man?  I don’t think it would be out of line to remind him that HE is holding the highest office in the land and the democrats otherwise own Washington D. C..  In fact, the democrats had a majority in congress for two years before he took office.  It seems almost silly to have to say that at this point in time with the Obama administration almost reaching the half-way point.

And I ask you, honestly, have they done anything but drive us further down the wrong road?  I don’t think anybody with an ounce of integrity could say that it hasn’t gotten worse and no relief in sight.  That is the worst part.  No relief in sight.

But here’s the good news, the light at the end of this tunnel – the relief comes in November.  At least the relief begins to happen.  And will be finished off in 2012 when we elect a real president in this country, one that puts the country first.

I would mention that the BP head also went sailing, but I notice that the left wing Obama sites have covered that in detail without once mentioned Mr. Obama’s GOLFING.  And besides that, Mr. Hayward was not the one who took an oath to uphold the constitution and defend the county against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  It was not a republican who was sworn in either.  Obama is a democrat, right?  Somebody said the oil is the enemy, and in a sense he was right.  So that includes the oil, President Obama.  The. worst. president. in. history.

He’s laughing at us behind our backs

or I should say in our faces

June 3, 2010 Day 46

Nobody could be this blatantly nonchalant in the face of the worst ecological disaster in history, unless they intended to give America the middle finger.

Posted:  06.20.10


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