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Michelle Is A Rising Fashion Icon

mobama_26sep08_3nov08_pa_240x3601 Checking in at Voge.uk.com, here’s Lady Elect Michelle in Thakoon, going price around $1,600 at Saks. See Thakoon collections at:   http://www.thakoon.com/bio.shtml

Anybody got a sewing machine?

But, seriously, we’re in luck.  Avon has signed former Mademoiselle editor Mandi Norwood to write a Michelle Obama Style Guide, due for release in the spring.  “Not since Jackie O have we had a first lady become a fashion icon,” says Avon vice president Carrie Feron.

I’m sure I speak for all my redneck sisters out there — keeping it country…..

Can’t wait.  😉



Postd:  11.20.08

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