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Huffington Post Writer Kills Ex-lover, Self, in Boynton Beach

Victim, Jessica Kalish, 56

Killer, Anne Burger, 57

Carol Anne Burger killed her former lover by stabbing her 222 times with a Phillips-head screwdriver and then took pains to hide her crime, police in Boynton Beach, Florida, said Wednesday.  Burger later walked into the back yard and shot herself.

Anne Burger was a journalist who had found purpose recently in covering the presidential election for The Huffington Post, a left-leaning Web site.

An editor described Burger as “very excited” about her job and not depressed in “any way.”

Hanna Ingber Win, the associate editor for The Huffington Post’s “Off the Bus” election coverage, said she exchanged e-mails with Burger last week and was happy with her contributions.

“We were joking that she was on fire. She was really pumping it out,” Win said. “I would never imagine this. She was excited about the election.”

Burger began writing for The Huffington Post earlier this month as one of a few Florida correspondents. The job was unpaid, but Win said Burger quickly earned a reputation for hard work and contributing much more than was expected.

The couple had married in Massachusetts in 2005, but Kalish had met someone else.  They continued to share the house they had bought in 2000 for financial reasons.


Posted:  10.30.08


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