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Amazing resemblances.  Sperm bank?  😐

Posted:  10.01.10

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Here’s to Anita: An ObaMao Teeshirt

Good ole American style capitalism!  Here’s to ya’, Anita.

obama mao

Liu Mingjie created a computer-aided design that superimposed US President Barack Obama’s face over that of China’s late Chairman Mao.

So it’s now Obama’s face sporting that famous green Communist Party cap with a red star on T-shirts, bags and coin purses sold at Liu’s shop, Stefan, located in the trendy, touristy lakeside shops of Houhai in central Beijing.

“American people who come in say, ‘Omigosh. That’s fantastic,’ Liu said, perfectly mimicking a Southern California accent.

“Chinese people see Obama’s face where Mao’s should be, and they laugh,” said Liu, 39, a native of Beijing.

Now that his ObaMao line is proving a hit, Liu said he’s working on a new product to introduce before the Christmas shopping season – ObaMao underwear.  🙂

Chinese Entrepreneur

Posted: 10.19.09


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How’s the White House war against Fox working out?

It appears this White House has basically “written off” the viewers of Fox News Network.  There are a lot of people who watch Fox,  judging from the fact that Fox consistently rates at the top of the list in ratings, with more viewers than all the other cable channels put together.

This administration is so out of touch with most Americans as to think that we are out here just waiting to watch Fox in order to know how to think and how to formulate our views.  Right off the bat, they have discounted a huge number of people, people who are involved, people who pay attention, and most of all people who vote, not once or twice but who vote every time the polls open.

It is beyond me how Fox is accused of having outlandish opinion anchors when MSNBC has Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, David Shuster, and on and on of the most biased reporting ever seen on tv. Has everyone forgotten Keith Olbermann and his insane rantings during the Bush administration?  You don’t even have to go back but a few days to hear Chris Matthews talk about blowing somebody’s head up.

I can tell you, Fox News is closer to the truth.  Let’s face it.  If not for Fox, ACORN would still be siphoning off tax money.  (They may be anyway.  That’s just how much I distrust congress.)  It is pretty insulting for this administration to assume that anyone who watches Fox can just be discarded. Many, Many people are awakened to the fact that what they see on the mainstream media is biased and not only biased, but filtered as to what they want you to see and know about.

But where they make their biggest mistake is they assume the average person out here can’t investigate and explore and find out for themselves what is the truth. There have been blatant lies told by the media and actually by the president as well. A little time and effort will uncover the truth.  In addition to that, a person attends a tea party rally as a peaceful, concerned citizen and wakes up the next morning to find they are part of an angry mob,  a Nazi, an evil monger, not to mention radical and stupid – that is, according to what you will hear on the liberal media (and our head lawmakers).  What is really sad is the fact some only watch CNN or MSNBC, and truly believe they are getting an honest assessment of what is going on.  Those are the truly brainwashed.

Mediaite has a post by Steve Krakauer entitled “More Proof Fox Winning PR War with White House.” Here’s a quote:

Here’s some thoughts from the Columbia Journalism Review:

The administration is not only glibly ignoring the substantial disconnect between Fox’s reporting and its pundit-ing; it is also implicitly suggesting that the viewers in question don’t deserve anything but propaganda. Otherwise, wouldn’t the White House, rather than simply alienating the network and leaving it to its wretched nefariousness, redouble its efforts to reach out to Fox’s audience.

TVNewser put it to a poll – and while you may expect the readers on the right to sway toward FNC and those on the left to go for the White House, 84% chose, “These tactics backfire. And Ailes knows how to fight.”

Meanwhile, as expected, this is only helping FNC in the ratings. Last week FNC ranked #4 in prime time on all of cable (in total viewers) and #6 in total day. This was the 40th consecutive week FNC finished in the top 5 in prime time. CNN was #29 in prime and #26 in total day, MSNBC was #23 in prime and #31 in total day.

I think the administration is so out of touch they don’t realize how many people they disregard when they go all out against Fox.  Or they don’t care.

So it’s pretty funny to see:

CNN #29 in prime time

MSNBC #23 in prime time

So maybe Ms. Anita and Mr. Axelrod will just keep talkin’.  We can hope they will.

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UPDATE:  Videos added 10.18.09 @ 10:13 p.m.

Posted:  10.18.09


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White House picks fight with FOX – Lou Dobbs leaving CNN?

But here is the question: Is Lou Dobbs going to FOX? Maybe so.

Buried in Brian Stelter’s story about the battle between Fox News and the Obama Administration is a little nugget: Last month, Lou Dobbs met with Roger Ailes.

Fox Business Network, which recently picked up firebrand Don Imus, is reportedly interested in Dobbs, whose controversial anti-immigration, anti-Administration stance has sat awkwardly with the rest of CNN’s programming of late.

Well, Roger Ailes also met with David Axelrod recently.  If this was to get FOX to back off, looks like it did not work.  That is unless Axelrod is joining FOX or Ailes is headed to the White House.  🙂

This administration is about the most juvenile bunch ever to hold the power of the federal government, making direct attacks from the White House against a news network.  They are worried about the one and only news organization not to kiss Obama’s feet while Americans are dying in Afghanistan.  Shameful.

See Mediaite Story Here.

Related: Anita Dunn’s Profile. (Husband: Robert Bauer Obama campaign attorney/DNC counsel, member of law firm fighting the “birth certificate” issue – $1,337,446.12 in legal fees.)

Posted:  10.12.09


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