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“Commander in Chief” shows off on campaign trail sporting military jacket, nametag

I say again, it should be ripped off his body.  He is not worthy to wear it for he is neither military nor commander in chief.

Yesterday in Wisconsin, wearing his Air Force One military jacket with the name tag “Barack Obama, Commander in Chief”

Well, where was the commander in chief when American citizens needed him?  I think it would go better for him if he were sleeping because the other alternative is, as is reported, he was watching the Benghazi attack from the Situation Room and did nothing.  They called for help and help never came.

The administration keeps stalling, saying there is an on-going investigation into what happened, when it is obvious that is a lie because the scene of the crime is abandoned with documents and other crucial evidence left behind 6 weeks later.

BENGHAZI, Libya — More than six weeks after the shocking assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi — and nearly a month after an FBI team arrived to collect evidence about the attack – the battle-scarred, fire-damaged compound where Ambassador Chris Stevens and another Foreign Service officer lost their lives on Sept. 11 still holds sensitive documents and other relics of that traumatic final day, including drafts of two letters worrying that the compound was under “troubling” surveillance and complaining that the Libyan government failed to fulfill requests for additional security.

When we visited on Oct. 26 to prepare a story for Dubai based Al Aan TV, we found not only Stevens’s personal copy of the Aug. 6 New Yorker, lying on remnants of the bed in the safe room where Stevens spent his final hours, but several ash-strewn documents beneath rubble in the looted Tactical Operations Center, one of the four main buildings of the partially destroyed compound. Some of the documents — such as an email from Stevens to his political officer in Benghazi and a flight itinerary sent to Sean Smith, a U.S. diplomat slain in the attack — are clearly marked as State Department correspondence.Others are unsigned printouts of messages to local and national Libyan authorities. The two unsigned draft letters are both dated Sept. 11 and express strong fears about the security situation at the compound on what would turn out to be a tragic day. They also indicate that Stevens and his team had officially requested additional security at the Benghazi compound for his visit — and that they apparently did not feel it was being provided. Read more haunting details: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2012/11/01/troubling_surveillance_before_benghazi_attack?page=full Posted:  11.02.12 A. D. @ 7:05 a.m.

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Tax money to pay for Obama’s copy-cat bus tour

President Barack Obama’s upcoming bus tour through the Midwest states typically viewed as swing states during presidential election years will be paid for by the taxpayers, the White House says.


Obama will start the tour on Aug. 15 and will talk about strengthening jobs and the economy, the White House announced on Tuesday.

First he copies Sarah Palins bus tour, then he charges it to the taxpayers.

No matter how much he squawks about millionaires, billionaires and private jets, at the very least they are paying for whatever they do with THEIR OWN MONEY. 

I’ll bet he’ll jet out to the midwest on Air Force One, climb on his bus for three days, then jet back to D. C.  But are not all his campaign trips and fund-raisers paid for by tax money?

Of course, everything from every sheet of paper and paperclip in Washington, D. C. is paid for by tax money. 

And the democrats are all bent out of shape because the tea party wants to cut spending.

Posted:  08.04.11 @ 1:41 p.m.

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We have a silly child for a president.

Iam so sick of this childish, silly president.  I couldn’t stomach his speech yesterday, but this morning I see some references to corporate jets. 

Well, I have an effing suggestion for him.  He could ground the father of all corporate jets, the one which belongs to the American people, Air Force One!!  I know he has used it to hop and skip all around more than any other president and I wish somebody would do a count on it.  In fact, he is using it and has used it as a campaign bus. 

Let’s see, maybe we could fund a scholarship or two since it costs probably $100,000 to fire it up for his every little fancy. 

Then he makes some statement about how he has “been doing Afghanistan, bin laden, and Greece?   What about the jobs, dude?  And how about those 75 rounds of golf. 

“If you know you’ve got to do something, just do it.” 

Right.  While he plans his vacation in August on Martha’s Vinyard.  As the people paying his bills, we should Cancel his vacation.  I think he should get a summer job and repay some of the money he has wasted.

Can we just get us a real president?  Instead of somebody who acts like a 12 year old.  I’m sure his “13 year old” daughter could do a better job.

Posted:  06.30.11 @7:12 a.m.


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“We do not have time for this silliness…..”

Off to an Oprah interview and fundraisers on Air Force One at fuel cost of $68,000 per hour

Posted: 04.28.11 @ 7:41 a.m.

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Geese in formation over Restoring Honor rally

Keith Olbermann was making fun of Glenn calling this a “miracle” when the geese flew over about a minute before 10:00 on Saturday.


Reminded me of this flyover of Air Force One in April of last year scaring the living daylights out of lower Manhattan —- ordered by the white house for a photo op.

Air Force One Over Manhattan

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Posted:  09.01.10


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Obama spent at least $236,000 today just to make a speech!!

As President Barack Obama flies Monday to Chicago for a midday speech on health-care reform, the round trip on Air Force One will run about $236,000, according to government estimates of the operating costs for one of the top symbols, and perks, of the presidency.

But that does not include such expenses as Secret Service protection, motorcades and helicopter transports.

My goodness. He just got back from a town hall in Wisconsin.  Can’t he just make a speech in Washington?

See Chicago Tribune:

This is infuriating.

Posted:  06.15.09


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Louis Caldera, White House Military Office, man of the week

Digging a little deeper into little-known Louis Caldera, Director, White House Military Office,  the man responsible for the low flight of Air Force One over Manhattan:

Louis Caldera, director of the White House Military Office, apologizes to the city of New York. Caldera came to the White House from IndyMac, where he served on the board of directors from 2002 until the bank was seized by the feds last year.

IndyMac is under investigation for fraud.

Read the story Here.

Posted: 04.28.09

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