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Governor Sanford goes down in flames (Updates)

UPDATE:  Photos of Maria @ Chickaboomer.

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, in an emotional news conference Wednesday, admitted he had been having an affair with a woman from Argentina.

The married father of four, whose whereabouts had been the object of intense speculation since last week, also resigned as chairman of the Republican Governors’ Association.

I watched the news conference today, live, beginning to end, and for some reason I find this just incredibly sad.  In some ways, in my mind, it seems to be an affair of the heart and that puts it miles away from trysts with prostitutes, or with somebody on the campaign trail, or somebody on the payroll, or an intern in the Oval Office.  He said his wife had known about it for months, but then I heard that she had asked him to leave, so it seems it was falling apart on the home front.

I just heard a few exerpts of some emails but didn’t catch it all.  (See update below).   If I’m not mistaken, the reporter who had those said he has had them since December but didn’t know if they were real or not until this came out today.  Some anonymous person had sent them to him.  So it looks like somebody has been trying to out the governor for months.

So there goes his career and probably his marriage.  I wonder if it was worth it.  He was caught red handed, but he did stand up and take it and without parading his wife in a zombie state to stand beside him.  He didn’t lie or deny, deny, deny.  I did notice that he pleaded for some privacy for the wife and children, but not for himself.

I actually wish every man who has been unfaithful to his wife would have to stand up and confess it on national tv.  No telling how many more there are who are right now involved in similar or even more tawdry shenanigans.   Lots of glass houses, especially in Washington.  Not to even mention familiar faces on mainstream news media.

I’d like to understand what it is that causes a guy who has so much going for him to risk so much.  And as he said, he did hurt and disappoint a lot of people, but as he also said, there are absolutes in life, and there are consequences.

I believe he will resign, just a guess.

UPDATE:  Found some of the emails here. What can I say? Sounds like love to me.  But how embarrassing must it be to have something so intimate become public.  Then again, he surely knew the risks he was taking.  There are consequences.

UPDATE: Her name is Maria, a 43 year old brunette.

UPDATE:  Thought about it now for a day and a half – I don’t think he should resign. I’ve seen a lot of confessions, most of them just a big show, but if this man is not showing true contrition, we’ll never see contrition.  Did he stand up to the microphone, point his finger, and with great indignation say, “I did not have sex with that woman,” that woman being a young woman half his age.  You just can’t top that.

UPDATE:  Photos of Maria @ Chickaboomer.

UPDATE: See AP interview with Mrs. Sanford.

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John Edwards – Is He Still Lying?

On March 23, 2007, John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, held a press conference to announce that her breast cancer had returned and that it was incurable.


  John said at the time,  “You can cower in the corner and hide or you can stand up for what you believe in.”

Edwards’ fundraiser Fred Barron speculated that financial support for the campaign could even increase “in the sense that more people will truly get to know John and Elizabeth Edwards.” He said the sponsor of a private fundraiser for Edwards on Thursday night in New York told Barron after the announcement that he was doubling his fundraising goal for the event. Neither the amount nor the identity of the fundraiser was released.”

On 10.10.07 the National Enquirer published this story:  http://www.nationalenquirer.com/john_edwards_cheating_scandal/celebrity/64271

The National Enquirer, doing the mainstream media’s job has forced Edwards to admit he did, indeed, have an affair with Rielle Hunter aka Lisa Druck.  They have been following this story at least since October of 2007, as evidenced by the above link.

  • Okay, that’s 3/23/07 – Announced Elizabeth’s cancer had returned
  • June 7, 2007, Father of the Year Award
  • October 10, 2007, National Enquirer published a story that he was having an affair
  • January 8, 2008, Edwards dropped out of presidential race
  • Baby born on February 27, 2008


A baby was born to Rielle Hunter, a baby daughter, on February 27, 2008.    No father listed on the birth certificate.  John Edwards has admitted to the affair with Rielle but denies that the baby is his. He is caught visiting with Rielle and the baby on July 21, 2008, at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.  Andrew Young has reportedly claimed the baby as his.  So Edwards would be visiting Andrew Young’s baby and the baby’s mama under the cover of night in a hotel?  Sure.  He then ran into the bathroom and held the door against reporters.  But then Edwards made sure everyone knew, as revealed in his “confession”, that during the time of the affair, Elizabeth’s cancer was in remission and that he never did love Rielle.  Great.

It is getting even more interesting though.  Fred Barron, Edwards’ fundraiser mentioned above in the March 23, 2007 article, said he has given money to both Rielle Hunter and Andrew Young to establish this cover-up, from his own personal funds.  And Edwards knows nothing.

Then there’s the “driver”, Robert McGovern, who Rielle calls “savior, healer of all healers.”

Robert (Bob) McGovern – Healer

Bob McGovern is an intuitive who has worked as a healer since 1988. He works with energy in the area of the emotional fields. He uses philosophy, psychology and the intuitive to find resolutions that move people back into alignment with the universe and into a place of peace, harmony and joy.

Bob uses the intuitive to help people with a variety of life issues, including relationships, career and health. His knowledge of the past and the future helps people find balance in the present. He is able to separate out surrounding negative energy, which allows people to have a clearer perception of their own options and choices. He works to empower people so that they can respond to the challenges of daily life with greater discernment and fuller understanding.”

 See:  http://deceiver.com/2008/07/31/what-about-bob/ and http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/11/us/11edwards.html?_r=1&th=&adxnnl=1&oref=slogin&emc=th&adxnnlx=1218452607-mCVG7l5kcnjgUvlMzwy89A&pagewanted=print



What if all this had been known when John Edwards was running for president or on January 8, 2008, when Edwards dropped out of the race?  Because of Edwards’ lies and the media’s failure to cover the story, we will never know.

The cast of characters (pictures):  Melissa Druck, Pidgeon O’Brien,  Andrew Young, Fred Bar(r)on –


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Revised:  08.13.08


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