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(Formerly) mainstream media losing its grip?

Until last Tuesday, the president’s media personality cult felt certain that Obama’s re-election was in the bag. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s triumph over media and union forces received scant notice compared to manufactured exit polls claiming that Wisconsinites favored Obama over the GOP’s Mitt Romney by 51-44 percent. However, it is clear that Walker’s victory foreshadows major problems for the president, his party and big labor.

It turns out that 38 percent of Wisconsin’s private-sector union households voted in support of Walker. This caused some in the media to let go of their post-recall denial and face an uncomfortable truth, “Barack Obama faces a grim new reality: Republicans now believe Mitt Romney can win, and Democrats believe Obama can lose…” writes Time magazine’s Mark Halperin.


Is the corrupt mainstream media losing its grip on America?  I do believe so.  Despite the fact I think they brought down Herman Cain and guided the choice to Mitt Romney for GOP candidate (with the help of the GOP), there are many things that point to the fact that the American people have largely tuned out and rejected their lies and deception. 

The phoney “war on women” was supposed to seal the deal for The barack obama.  Failed.  The majority of women are not buying it. 

What was essentially obama’s “war on the church” has been met with lawsuits by the Catholic Church.  They are not bowing down to the idol made of obama.  (We are all catholics now.)http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/06/catholic_bishops_declare_a_fortnight_for_freedom.html)

They have not been able to portray the OWS thugs as the “God bless them” of Nancy Pelosi.  Too much alternate media showing the real story of filth and rape and violene that is the OWS movement.

They have snatched at straws to put Romney in a bad light, from a 50 year old incident when he wa a kid to a dog story.  Too much alternative coverage of The barack obama as a youth of pot smoking, drug taking “when he could afford it” and a dog story of his own, as in eating dog, snake, and “crunchy” grasshoppers.  (Which, by the way, nobody would have even brought up but for the left’s excessive attention to Mitt Romney’s dog.)

And the biggy.  The Wisconsin recall of Scott Walker which was supposed to be a “dry run” to the re-eletion of The barack obama, but which has turned into a referendum for his defeat.  And they can talk all they want to, nobody is listening to them any more.

They declared the tea party dead.  But lo and behold it is stronger than ever, just leaving the streets and taking the fight to the election process, which shows up in every election since 2010.

The ratings continue to show the drastic decline of MSNBC and CNN.  http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/category/cable-news/

I think The obama is in real trouble.  They are now sending the DOJ to Florida to try to set up a case for a challenge, they are fighting voter ID, and it remains to be seen how low they will go for Their obama.

The Supreme Court decision on Obamacare is soon to be announced.  If it is voted unconsitutional, look for the media and the adminisgtration to cast aspersions on the High Court itself and the judges who voted against the healthcare law.  They will try to turn public opinion against the third branch of the government, which will be unprecedented, and they won’t hesitate.  They won’t hesitate because this lawless administration has no respect for the Supreme Court or for the Constitution, and the corrupt media will continue to serve as their mouthpiece.

We’ll just have to wait and see, but it’s not as easy as it used to be to fool the people.  Because the people are on to the (formerly) mainstream media.

Posted:  06.10.12 @ 8:57 a.m.

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Santorum takes Tennessee, Oklahoma, N. Dakota

I thought it was interesting how much Santorum won these states by and I’m not hearing anything about that this morning.  So I am putting up just those percentages for what it’s worth.  I did see where Romney won big in Mass. and Idaho, but just squeaked by in Ohio.   (Karl Rove disappeared about 11 p.m. from Fox when Santorum was ahead by two percentage points.  I said he probably is going to Ohio to get those lost ballots from somebody’s trunk.  :).  He was about to choke when it looked like Santorum might beat his boy Romney. )  And, of course, Gingrich wins big in Georgia with 47% to Romney’s 25%.

Tennessee:  Santorum 37.4% – Romney 28.0 – Gingrich 24.0 – Paul 9.0

Oklahoma:  Santorum  33.8% – Romney 28 – Gingrich 27.5 – Paul 9.6

N. Dakota:  Santorum  39.7 – Paul  28.1% – Romney  23.7 – Gingrich 8.5

More results:  http://www.realclearpolitics.com/elections/live_results/

Posted:  03.07.12 @7:33 a.m.

P.S.:  Dennis Kuchinich was defeated in Ohio.

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Gingrich wins big in S. C. – 40% Gingrich to 28% Romney

Told ya’ women would not fall for ABC’s blatant attempt to knock Gingrich out.  And the press is still calling Romney the “frontrunner” when he hasn’t Ever been the frontrunner.  Now watch the GOP establishment (led by Karl Rove and his little white board) try to bolster Romney, along with the media and the demos.  So predictable.  And the MSM (MFM) this morning is babbling on endlessly (MSNBC particularly).  They are so far off base they look silly and I think even they know it.  Their usual tactics are not working as well as expected.

Gingrich – 243,153  40%

Romney – 167,279  28%

100% precincts reporting


COLUMBIA, S.C. — Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has won the South Carolina primary  by a landslide, with numbers so big that the major networks called the race  almost immediately after the polls closed.

Heading into South Carolina, Gingrich’s campaign was lagging after poor  performances in Iowa and New Hampshire — and drawing criticism for ads that his  Super PAC was running attacking former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for his  time at Bain Capital.

But Gingrich turned it around and surged to victory.  With 99 percent of precincts reporting results, he was winning every single  county, which would mean he would take all of the states’ 25 delegates. The  overall vote count showed a 40–28 advantage for Gingrich over Romney.

“With your help, we are now moving to Florida and beyond,”Gingrich told a raucous, enthusiastic crowd at his victory party in the state  capital of Columbia.

Read more:  http://dailycaller.com/2012/01/21/gingrich-wins-big-in-south-carolina-heads-to-florida-as-race-heats-up/#ixzz1kCQwjuxH


Posted:  01.22.12 @10:58 a.m.

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GOP needs only 4 seats to take Senate in 2012

The chances appear pretty good for the GOP to pick up a net gain of 4 seats in the U.S. Senate, thereby moving themselves from a 47-53 minority to a 51-49 majority. They may do even better than that if the current trends remain, uhm, trending. CLICK HERE. The better news for CONSERVATIVE Republicans, is the chance that the new GOP Senators will tend to be more conservative than the ones who are retiring or who get replaced in 2012, either in primary or general election.

Go HERE to vote furious, intriqued, thrilled, bored, sad, or laughing.

I really think there will be more than 4 seats gained by the GOP.

Some states to watch are:

North Dakota

Posted: 09.29.11 @ 2:22 p.m.

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