Charlottesville and the Aftermath

I’m going to try to set out in a simple, easy to read format, a list of facts as I understand them as it pertains to the tragic events of last Saturday at Charlottesville, Virginia. (Conclusions are my opinions)

Okay, so here we go:

  • A group called Unite the Right was scheduled to hold a rally on that day, Saturday, August 12, 2017.  And, no, this not a group of typical Donald Trump supporters.  I never heard of this group, and I have followed his campaign and presidency in detail and had never heard about the scheduled rally.
  • It had a stated purpose of protesting the removal of one of these Confederate memorials or statues, I believe of Robert E. Lee.
  • This group had sought a permit, been denied the permit by the city, appealed that decision to a federal court where the judge ordered they be given the permit.
  • The group was lead by a guy named, Jason Kessler, a man who was a democrat and protester at the Occupy Wall Street events.  And he suddenly switched to republican around election day in November, 2016.  This is not exactly the Donald Trump base.  Hillary Clinton supporter, I’m With Her shirt, Hillary Clinton supporter and Occupy Wall Street protester.  Nah, not the Donald Trump base.
  • It is my understanding there were some 200 people at the rally, but we’ll say 400.  That’s a very small number out of a 323 million population in the U. S.  It was sort of a mixed group, KKK, white supremacists, AND this is important, there were a few who were there to protest the removal of the statue not realizing really what this group was about. They should not have joined probably.   So a mixed group, small group.  This is what Hillary Clinton has named the alt-right.
  • The thing was to start about 12:00 noon.
  • The Unite the Right group were assembled for their rally and in comes the Antifa and BLM group, the alt-left, without a permit, bussed in bearing ice chests of bags of urine and feces, clubs and bats, and some kind of gas which was at some point used to spray people’s eyes.
  • Because of the almost sure possibility of violence and conflict, the Unite the Right Rally was called off by the mayor.  So they never had their rally.
  • They were told to leave the area and there was only one way to leave.  They were forced to leave through the Antifa crowd where altercations took place.
  • The police were told to stand down so everyone was on their own.
  • Now, here’s the part I have never heard explained.  About two hours after the event that never happened ended, there was a crowd of people in a narrow street.  Absolutely no police or EMT around, nothing.  This part I observed on a live feed.
  • The video, live feed, shows without a doubt that crowd was made up of BLM (and probably Antifa)  by what they were wearing, what they were saying, so forth.  This is the group without a permit.
  • Then out of nowhere a car comes barreling up that narrow road and ran into that crowd of people.  This is, of course, where the death and injuries took place.  Then he backs up the car very fast out the road he came in on.
  • There was no one to help, they were trying to help each other.
  • Finally some cops arrived and to be honest I don’t remember seeing any emergency personnel but surely some were there.
  • Then some time later it was announced they had arrested the driver of the car, James Fields, Jr.

So like I said, I saw some of this on the live feed and the rest of the information I got from researching, listening to eye witness reports, and piecing it together.

So just to close, the statements the President made about this were right, correct, and accurate.  Both sides were violent.  Both sides were hate groups, with a few ordinary people and reporters in there.

The media is livid that he won’t portray the Antifa alt-left group as the white knights from heaven who have come in to assault and hurt the white supremacists.

And now we have Paul Ryan, John McCain, Marco Rubio, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the republicans pretending to be president because they never could win, chiming in, because the democrats and the media have embraced the violent Antifa group and must have them portrayed as the good guys.

Well, they were not the good guys.  In fact, they have been all over the place this summer wreaking havoc.

The press and the accomplices are creating an incredibly scary situation wherein it is going to be justified for them to take down anyone they decide is racists and white supremacists and feel all good about themselves being praised by all these media people and those talking that don’t know a thing about it.

It’s incredibly dangerous, the wick is lit, and they are the avenging angels cleansing the land of these horrible people, again, the people they decide about.  And the criteria is getting very, very thin.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues to stir the pot.  I honestly believe they are the domestic terrorists because they are inciting the violence from their lofty thrones inside the tv studio.

Posted: 8.19.17 at 12:30 a.m.

Edited: 8.22.17 at 12:19 a.m.

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As the Country Goes Crazy….

There is insanity in the land.

I am watching the destruction of, it looks like scores, of huge bronze monuments all over the country.  All at one time.

Now, who is organizing this?  George Soros?  The Communist Party? Governors?  Mayors?

I think all of the above.  And then we have the mass mainstream media, who is the mouthpiece of the devil himself, helping them demonize people, helping them with their plan to keep goading and punching and poking at every old wound that exists until something really bad happens in our country.

I call out CNN, MSNBC, FOX, all of them.  They are advancing a false narrative and what can only be called a lie.  I call them out because for the most part they have endorsed and embraced hate groups like Antifa as somehow having some moral high ground.  They will have a hard time defending the tactics of these groups because they are the ones who have all summer been out there with their violence and now are the ones who showed up in Charlottesville “armed” with ice chests full of bags or urine and feces to throw on people, some kind of chemical to throw in people’s eyes and face, baseball bats and clubs.  This is from eye witness reports.

But the media is so incensed that President Trump dared to call them a Hate group, right along with the other hate groups.  They don’t want them called out because in reality, they are all on the same team.

All involved in this should be ashamed.  But they are not ashamed.  Not at all.  In fact, it seems they are proud as they put down American citizens as myself who does not agree with, even passionately oppose, the destruction of monuments that have been in place now about a hundred years.  And now all of a sudden they have to be pulled down and removed from sight.

It’s outrageous.  It’s wrong.  It’s as though I am watching ISIS or the Taliban go through the country.  They don’t have to come in and destroy all things that might offend them.

We are doing it for them!

It’s about five o’clock and I’m just loading the dishwasher thinking what an incredibily dangerous game these leftists are playing.  And I say game as a matter of speech because it sure is not a game.

They are essentially saying that there are people who do not agree with them who are deserving of violence, that they are actually doing a service by attacking the “facists” and “racists”.  I hope everyone sees and understands what is going on here.  There really is no free speech in America.  Just heard a judge was suspended for saying there were two sides and they both are bad.   Now, that’s getting down where we live right there.  They will ruin a person’s reputation and take their job and think they have done society a favor.  That is incredibly dangerous.






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