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White Squirrel

In my back yard this morning

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Cockatoo shakes a tail feather (Video – Funny)


Cockatoo shakes a tail feather (Video – Funny).

Frosty shakes a tail feather and Einstein talks with his human

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Let’s stop wasting money – right after the trip to India

Post Election:

“I think it’s clear that the voters sent a message, which is they want us to focus on the economy and jobs, and moving this country forward,” he said with his Cabinet around him. “They’re concerned about making sure that taxpayer money is not wasted.” — Barack Obama

Of course, we’ll worry about that right after the trip to India.

The hype about the trip to India is growing….and growing.

From the Daily Mail at the end of October:

The entourage will be the biggest ever in terms of logistics and manpower for any US president.

Read more:

Air Force One plus 40 aircraft, 6 armored cars, over 3,000 people.

Renting the entire Taj Mahal plus other hotels.

I’m not sure if this picture of the Taj Mahal Hotel is before or after the terrorist attack,

Trip will cost $200 million dollars a day – this is all over the internet – pages of links.

Removing the coconuts from the trees so they won’t fall on his head.

Somewhere I read they are building a tunnel under a road for him.

Now I see on Drudge headlines:  34 Warships to India

I am laughing out loud.  Can this be possible?  Any aircraft carriers?  Submarines?

All I can say is, the media has so little credibility you can either believe everything you read or nothing.  I tend towards nothing.  How in God’s name is a person supposed to know what is true. To be honest, this sounds like a huge joke to me.  But then again, most of real life these days sounds like a huge joke.

What with reports of millions and billions and trillions of dollars being thrown about, it has almost lost all meaning.  One does not even stop to think, now really, how much is $200 million dollars a day?  Sounds small compared to the $6 billion lost by Fannie Mae in the last quarter or the Fed’s plan for another stimulus of $600 billion.

In the midst of all the links on the cost of the trip, there was one link to Media Matters, saying something to the effect it was wildly over-exaggerated.   Well, I don’t mind telling you, it will be a cold day in hell when I go to Media Matters to determine the truth of anything.

So whatever – it’s costing a hell of a lot of money to send the Obamas to India.  Of that, I don’t think there’s any doubt.  And once again, the focus on jobs and the economy is put off for a few more weeks.

So, Barack, don’t give us any of this crap about worrying about the American people worrying about “wasting money.”  Don’t bother to tell us you are going to focus on jobs.  Please.  Spare us.

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You picked a fine time to lead us, Barack (Video) Funny

You picked a fine time to lead us, Barack (Video) Funny. Repost

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Cockatoo shakes a tail feather (Video – Funny)

Frostie is a Bare-Eyed Cockatoo dancing to the Blues Brothers & Ray Charles hit from their Difinitive Collection Album!   This is too funny.

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Parrot on Prozac

parrot  George’s owner died and he went into such a depression he would just sit bobbing his head all day and pulling his feathers out.  A medication similar to Prozac seems to be helping him to cope.  Awww.  Poor George.  I have a soft spot in my heart for the birds.  But take a look at that beak.  It could take your finger off.  And I think they all bite at some point.  Notice the towel and the way he’s holding his head.  And is he wearing gloves?  I can’t tell.  I’m afraid it will be difficult for George to adjust to a new owner.

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Parrot Helped Save Little Girl’s Life (Update)

A babysitter’s parrot is being credited with helping save the life of a 2-year-old girl who was choking Friday at a Denver area home while the sitter was in the bathroom.

willieparrot Here’s Willie

“While I was in the bathroom, Willie, (a Quaker Parrot) started screaming like I’d never heard him scream before and he started flapping his wings,” said Meagan, the babysitter. “Then he started saying ‘mama baby’ over and over and over again until I came out and looked at Hannah and Hannah’s face was turning blue because she was choking on her pop tart.”

Meagan performed the Heimlich maneuver on Hannah, which stopped the choking.

“If Willie had not warned me, I probably wouldn’t have come out of the bathroom in time because she was already turning blue, her lips were blue and everything,” Meagan said.

“If anything happened to her, I don’t know what I would do,” said Samantha Kuusk, Hannah’s mother. “I’m very grateful for the both of them because they both saved her.”

UPDATE:  On last Friday, Willie got the local Red Cross chapters’ Animal Lifesaver Award during a “Breakfast of Champions” event which  was attended by Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.

These little Quaker parrots don’t usually get the credit they deserve.  They are very intelligent and have loads of personality, displaying a wide range of “emotions” from happy, singing, dancing, and, of course, mad as a hornet.  So I don’t doubt this story at all.  Mine notices anything that is out of the ordinary.  And the words she says are so appropriate to the situation.  For example, you start sweeping or cleaning out the cage, and it’s, “What’cha doing?” or “Thank you” when you give her a treat.

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