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HILLARY IS A JOKE! Video to prove it.

Can’t stop laughing! So glad they put in the words cuz not everybody speaks country. At least “T. Wilson” who actually sang the song had enough sense not to appear in the video.

This was the first political job for the actor starring in the video, although not the first music video. His name is Jason Tobias. He has also appeared in the music video for Ariana Grande and Chris Brown’s “Don’t Be Gone Too Long.”

He said that Stand With Hillary chose him for the video because he looked like a country music star, and that the one-day shoot — which took place an hour north of Los Angeles in Oxnard, California — was no different than any other music video he has done.


He has also played Jesus.

No, Tobias did not sing the song, and all he knows is that it was sung by someone named “T. Wilson,” who did not appear on set.

The song was written by media consultant Miguel Orozco, who started “Stand with Hillary” along with Democratic operative Daniel Chavez. This is not the first campaign music video he helped create. He is not a professional songwriter.

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The Benghazi Report | The Weekly Standard

Wow. No wonder the Obama wants to focus so intently on Ferguson. They so want to put Benghazi to bed because it is so very damning and our “representatives” at least a bunch on them, are right with him.

Surely, everything that is based on lies will eventually fall. Because of this whitewash of the Intelligence Committee, it makes it even that much more important that Trey Gowdy continues his investigation.

The Benghazi Report | The Weekly Standard.

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