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Well, I wasn’t going to comment much on the outrageous actions in response to grand jury decisions but though I have tried to ignore most of it, it has been impossible not to hear “opinions” concerning it.

Those who are seeking to break down our system of justice, all the way from the president of the United States to those shouting in the streets and burning down their neighbor’s property, better think long and hard about what they are doing.  Anyone, including me, can have an opinion on the results of a grand jury, or a regular jury for that matter, but no one’s opinion matters not one little bit.  IT DOES NOT MATTER.

It seems some people have never even heard of a grand jury before, like somebody just thought it up yesterday.  There have been grand juries meeting across this country for centuries and at considerable taxpayer expense in order to do what?  To PROTECT the INNOCENT – to PROTECT the presumption of INNOCENCE.  Thousands of courts operated every single day to do WHAT?  To give the ACCUSED their constitutional rights.  It’s not perfect but it’s worked pretty damn well and the alternative would be horrendous.  Do you want some committee somewhere appointed by someone who thinks he knows everything decide your fate?  No, I can tell you, you do not.  The system we have is LOCAL.  You at least know who these people are, they are our neighbors, they are US, and answerable to US and our local government, not some UNSEEN mind somewhere who really it seems wants to bring us all down.

I would think defense attorneys would be throwing a fit over this nonsense.  Where are you?  Networks won’t let you on tv maybe because they can’t stand the truth?

I heard someone going on about the procedure being secret, like it was mysterious secret society involved.  Damn it, stop and think and stop being foolish.  These are CITIZENS who are called to listen to evidence, SWORN testimony and exhibits, and you just might want to keep it a secret until you find out if there is probable cause to charge someone with a crime and maybe avoid ruining a life, if there is not.  Oh, yes, they just get to hear what the prosecutor presents, but they without a doubt know more than ANYONE out here who was not there.

But, of course, with the current corrupt media system and the corrupt politicians (liberal democrats, you can’t deny it) a person has his constitutional rights violated to the enth degree when LIES and LIBERAL AGENDAS are broadcast over and over and reinforced by people who for some reason are held in esteem, though they lie and degrade people.

Thank God, we do still have some kind of system to sort things out.  And criminals and law breakers have benefited from it tremendously, in most instances at the expense of the victim(s).  So what is it do they want?  Do they want some rules to be in place that a person should be charged and arrested without probable cause?  Surely not.  I don’t intend to commit any crimes, but if I did, I would want to be afforded  ALL my rights no matter what even the president might think about it.

If this is what will result from all these high officials from, again, the president and the members of congress on down, you can bet the citizens without any power will surely be the worse for it.

It is high time all intelligent people and all fools, too, start to THINK about what the end result will be if all falls into LAWLESSNESS.  DO NOT BE FOOLED by your so-called leaders!  We are better than they are!!!


And while I am at it,- I know, shouldn’t mix subjects but I REJECT all ALLEGATIONS, some 40 or 50 years old, WAY past the statute of limitations , against Bill Cosby.  The corrupt media, again, and somebody who is out to get him and DENY him his presumption of innocence, has planted this in the media (with their full consent) to ruin him REGARDLESS of ALL his rights to the presumption of innocence.  You don’t think there’s not a powerful evil force in high places manipulating the whole ;thing?  I hope he sues them all to hell and back.

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