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More missing (hidden, destroyed) IRS emails

The IRS told lawmakers Friday that five staffers connected to the agency’s Tea Party controversy besides Lois Lerner probably lost emails due to computer problems.

Those five staffers include officials key to the various investigations into the IRS’s improper scrutiny of Tea Party groups – including Judith Kindell, who was a senior adviser to Lerner, the former agency official at the center of the controversy….



CORRUPT:   guilty of dishonest practices, crooked, debased in character; depraved; perverted; wicked; evil, infected, tainted, decayed; putrid.
Pelosi said something about “draining a swamp” once upon a time.  
This ain’t no swamp.  
This is more like a boil that has to be lanced so the pus,  the tainted blood, the infected fluids, – the obama –  can be purged and destroyed.

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Lots of talk about forgiveness in today’s world, but I am beginning to think it’s a sneaky little trick imposed upon us by unbelievers to distort things and almost exonerate the guilty, as if it is within our power  It is without a doubt a biblical principle, but is something a believer has to live out before God by grace.

But It is not normal to forgive.

It seems there is almost a requirement, in order to be a “good” person, you must be able to forgive any transgression purpetrated.  I think it shifts the blame and burden from the wrongdoer to the victim.  I cringe, when a child has been killed and the mother feels some compulsion to visit the killer in prison to offer her forgiveness.

I freely admit I could not do it, would not do it.  I would not dwell on it, I would not harbor excessive hatred as to disrupt my life, but I’ll be damned if I would seek out some coldblooded murderer to offer my forgiveness.  In fact, to me, he would not exist.  

It would not be up to me to forgive anyway because it was not my life that was taken.  The only person who could be in a position to forgive would be the murdered one whose life was cut short and likely who suffered in the process, not the one still living.  I don’t know, maybe there is some process for that in God’s wisdom and plan.  I don’t know.

But I’m not good enough to do it.


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