This may be the answer. I don’t know who wrote this, nor do I care. It does offer a credible suggestion as to why obama almost immediately began referring to isis as isil. See comments.

can i just finish my waffle?

ISIS or ISIL?  Why this Obamaspeak?  What is the difference?  I noticed Obama used the term ISIL in his speech, so I take it, it does have considerable meaning.  I’m not sure why he has chosen to refer to the terrorists in Iraq in that way, but I am sure it will become apparent at some point.

What difference does. it. make, you may ask?  It most certainly helps his position or image in some way.

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One response to “ISIS OR ISIL?

  1. bellalu0

    “I want to emphasize something. I keep hearing people repeat what Barack Obama stated in his news conferences. When Obama calls the terrorists sweeping across Iraq the ISIL instead of the ISIS he is intentionally identifying to the Arab/Islamic community that he does not recognize the Jewish state of Israel. When he calls them ISIL it stands for the “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant” The Levant is the land bridge from Turkey to Egypt. So what he is doing is recognizing an Islamic State extending from Iran to Egypt..and denying the State of Israel even exists. Keep that in mind when you hear Obama and his administration call these terrorists ISIL. He is positioning the United State of America as an enemy of Israel.”

    And I believe this. I knew from the first time I heard him refer to ISIL, there was some meaning behind it that was not immediately apparent.
    just didn’t know exactly what it was.


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