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This may be the answer. I don’t know who wrote this, nor do I care. It does offer a credible suggestion as to why obama almost immediately began referring to isis as isil. See comments.

can i just finish my waffle?

ISIS or ISIL?  Why this Obamaspeak?  What is the difference?  I noticed Obama used the term ISIL in his speech, so I take it, it does have considerable meaning.  I’m not sure why he has chosen to refer to the terrorists in Iraq in that way, but I am sure it will become apparent at some point.

What difference does. it. make, you may ask?  It most certainly helps his position or image in some way.

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I AM SICK OF FERGUSON.  SICK OF IT.  The effin media chooses which stories to elevate to a 24/7 status and thereby fail in every respect of being a unbiased reporter of facts.  Unbiased!  I should not even use that word in the same sentence with MEDIA/FAKE news stories.  Let’s see, they did not move in down at the border and make that an ever running story.  It was a story, but, no, they really don’t want us to know about that.  Do they move in when one of these many smack down occur where innocent people are knocked down on the street?  No, I don’t believe they have even reported on them.

They think nobody know their tactics, but they are WRONG.  A story that does not meet their agenda, and yes they do have an agenda, they may give 30 seconds to it so they can say if challenged, oh, we covered that, we did!  But there’s a vast difference between reporting a story and moving in and streaming it all day and all night for days.

It does not matter, at this point, what the truth is in Ferguson. IT DOES NOT MATTER.   FORGET IT.  There are people who have their mind made ujp and no amount of fact is going to change it.  This is the scary part, people who are quick to claim a constitutional right, as in right to “peacefully” assemble, but want to DENY another or actually anybody else their rights, as in right a fair trial, right to presumption of innocence, right to have a frigging store and engage in business without having it looted and rocked, while the police are standing letting these maniacs “blow off steam.”

I AM SICK OF IT.  SICK OF IT.  We would not have a country if what prevails today had been the way the country was run.  Damn, do these people not know IT IS THE COUNTRY THEY SEEM TO HATE, that gives them the right  to protest? Otherwise, we might be looking at a scene like Foley faced with the “wonderful” ISIS chopping your head off.  IT IS REALLY STUPIDITY to undermine the very thing that give a person a effin right at ALL to begin with.

So no matter what amount of fact comes out, it will not change ANYTHING.  It will be explained away, well, he should have shot him in the foot, so what he broke in his face, 

I’ll be the first to say, if that cop shot the man when he was on the ground, and it is proven to me by some sworn testimony, some autopsy report, something, I would say he is guilty of the very least too much force.

But for God’s sake, we have a justice system.  Some people claim it does not work for them.  Well, I could say where is the fairness, because if I had a son killed by police you can bet your bottom dollar Eric Holder would not be here, the president would not be commenting about it, 40 some odd FBI officers would not be down here investigating.  Does anybody really think the entire barrage of news crews and equipment would be running on it day and night?  Nobody WOULD GIVE A DAMN.  I don’t have an Al Sharpton to plead my case (thank God) and neither do I want one.  I would be dealing with the local justice system hoping they did the right thing.  That would be it.  Nothing else.  Absolutely nothing else.




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