Obama’s 11th commandment: “The wealthy shall give up their tax breaks”

In 2012, he was invoking “his Christian faith” quite a bit, as he equates Christianity with all other religions, even bringing Plato into the mix.  Notice how he drones on, actually apologizing for claiming to be a Christian.  It’s stunning to look back on some of this stuff that came out of his mouth.

I kinda’ bet he takes every tax break known to man when he files his taxes.

can i just finish my waffle?

obama “often falls on his knees in prayer.”  Right!  Probably about 5 times a day.  He also uses the Name of Jesus to push his political agenda.  I think he blasphemes.

“I know the version of that Golden Rule is found in every major religion and every set of beliefs — from Hinduism to Islam to Judaism to the writings of Plato,” Obama added.

The president said he often falls to his knees in prayer, and emphasized the role of his religious values in determining where to lead the country.

“I’d be remiss if I stopped there; if my values were limited to personal moments of prayer or private conversations with pastors or friends. So instead, I must try — imperfectly, but I must try — to make sure those values motivate me as one leader of this great nation.”

Obama maintained that his call for the wealthiest to give…

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