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Golfing with the president on Independence Weekend

I was checking my twitter last night and noticed a tweet stating that the president had returned from a five-hour golf outing and was now “taking a nap.”  Actually, the taking a nap part was somebody’s guess, but it was mighty hot yesterday for five hours in the sun and I’m sure a nap was in order.

I’ve wondered about Obama’s obsessive golfing for a while, but I got curious and did a little searching.  I discovered I was not the only one who thinks “golfing” is cover for something else.  Don’t know what it is, but there are some ideas out there.

Yesterday, he was golfing with three of his pals, Martin Nesbitt, Eric Whitaker, and Marvin Nicholson.  He really likes to golf with these guys as they lead the list of his partners.

Marvin Nicholson is a bit interesting, since John Kerry picked him up on a golf course, as his background is in caddying, and had him working for him for a while, and then Barack put him on as his travel guide or whatever.  If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t it the travel department that messed up and outed the CIA agent in Iraq, assuming it was an accident? Anyhow, Marvin’s even taller than Obama at 6’8″.  Just wondering, though, what is his experience for such a high level position, quite a jump from a caddy or cutting grass on the golf course.

Obama and White House trip director arrive at the Phipps Conservatory for an opening reception at the Pittsburgh G20 Summit

So what’s going on on the golf course that is so compelling and does not seem to help his golf game one little bit?

As the USA and the whole world goes to pot…..

Some ideas from Hillbuzz:

Barack Obama has gone “golfing” more times in office than any president before him. Despite this, Obama’s golf game still sucks and he evinces little enthusiasm or interest for the game in interviews.  Bill Clinton, an avid golfer, would wax eagerly about his time on the links during interviews and routinely golfed with big time power brokers like Vernon Jordan or influential leaders like Senators or Governors.  When Barack Obama goes “golfing”, he typically brings along young gay guys or other men of questionable sexuality for foursomes where they all seem to just goof around for a few hours after taking the requisite “We’re going golfing, biches!” photo ops.

Read more http://hillbuzz.org/is-barack-obama-gay/obamas-golfing-buddies

So when does his next vacation start?

obama eating ice cream


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