Whig vs. #OUTLAW – The Current Battle

The Camp Of The Saints

There’s been quite the discussion going on in the Comments section of a post published by Jeff Goldstein on Thursday on the ‘vitory’ of Thad Cochran in the Run-Off Primary held this past Tuesday in Mississippi.

Dana Pico, a frequent commentator over at The Other McCain and proprietor of The First Street Journal, had been the subject of much deserved wrath from the PW regulars for, what I describe as his Loyalist sentiments in regards to the GOP, and this had brought out the best in a group that is always insightful and very entertaining — I learn a lot hanging around over there.

I would encourage you to take the time to read the full set of comments — even Dana’s because his way of thinking shows just what we’re up against when it comes to people on the Right who refuse to understand the Reality of our situation.

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