‘Suffer Not Yourselves To Be Betrayed With A Kiss’

The time has come…..

The Camp Of The Saints

Time and time again, we have sought a peaceful, but forceful, redress of our grievances, but have been rebuffed without the decency of a respectful hearing [or, often, any hearing] by the Left In America — this was not unexpected, as they are Ideologues and as such can permit no opposition to the fragile and unrealistic Narrative they have constructed, otherwise, their whole edifice of Logic-run-wild will easily collapse into a heap of rancid muck.

However, the response of the Republican Party and many supposed allies on the Right to our entreaties has been to wage a campaign of ridicule combined with an effort to destroy those organizations we have formed and of the reputations of those of us who have run for office or spoken with vigor in objecting to the present Corruptions and Tyranny — that campaign was the unkindest cut of all.

Any thoughts of aligning ourselves ever…

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