Has Bowe Bergdahl been seen since his release?  Has anyone talked to him?  It is said that he refuses to talk to his parents so they obviously have not spoken to him.

In fact, is Bowe Bergdahl alive?  The only way we know he was released alive is the video the Taliban made.  You would think some form of media would have documented his arrival in Germany.

He may have fallen from the helicopter.  It’s been known to happen.

 This is a VERY untrustworthy government.  They lie and lie and lie and anything is possible.  With storms and scandals swirlling everywhere, the so called president is giving a high school commencement speech blaming the republicans for everything and urging the graduates to vote democrat – which is so against the law for him to use his position like that.  But then that is a small, small thing compared to all the other criminal things he has and is doing.

You can be sure, if Bergdahl is alive, that he will never set foot on American soil unless the Obama Administration is positive he will tell the story they want told.


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