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Obama: “We can go after them” meaning the terrorists he let go

Obama from Warsaw:

He also said the U.S. will be keeping track of the released detainees. Obama said there “absolutely” is the possibility of some of them trying to return to attacking the U.S.

“We’ll be in position to go after them,” he said.

This statement shows the complete lack of humanity in this man.  We’ll be in a position to go after them?  Are you kidding me?  Is he planning to go?  No, his ass won’t be in any danger.

So he lets the terrorists go and if they go back to attacking the U. S., we can send some American soldiers in harm’s way to try to get them back!  More lives lost and at risk when he could have just left them where they were.  Wow, what logic!


  • I notice he left the country pretty quick after he made this transfer.  I’ll tell you I do not feel too safe with him out of the country.  He might be leaving because he knows there will be an attack on U. S. soil and he doesn’t want to put himself in danger.  He is just that diabolical.



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