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Thoughts on the Gitmo/Bergdahl Transfer

A few thoughts on the Gitmo/Bergdahl exchange:

You have to analyze every word the alleged president says.  He made this statement in the Rose Garden on Saturday about Bergdahl.  Didn’t notice it at first:

“In a statement, President Barack Obama said Bergdahl’s recovery “is a reminder of America’s unwavering commitment to leave no man or woman in uniform behind on the battlefield.”  The key words “in uniform” because it obviously does not apply to those “not in uniform” as the Ambassador of the U. S. and others in Benghazi.

Was Bergdahl a hostage? or a POW?  They are pushing the POW designation when they have made such a point of saying there is no War on Terror.

Is Bergdahl a deserter or a traitor or both?

Enemy combatants as in Gitmo prisoners are not POW’s.

Where is the Memorandum of Understanding containing the conditions of the exchange?

Only one condition has been published:  that they must stay in Qatar  for one year.  Can we trust Qatar on that?  Are they wearing ankle bracelets, as many U. S. citizens have to wear?  How can we trust Qatar?

Why was Bergdahl promoted to Sergeant while in capture?

I don’t believe there was any urgent health issue as is the reason given for the urgency that allowed the president to break the 30 day notification law in order to hurry.

And the VA scandal is knocked off the news cycle.

And I think obama is in GERMANY.  He is a menace, an absolute menace.

Do we now negotiate with terrorists?  You bet we do.  The Taliban set the conditions of the release, which is WHY we need to see what those conditions are.  I read somewhere that one of the conditions they had demanded was a payment of $1 million in addition to the release of the prisoners.

And the Taliban considers this a great victory!  What does that tell you.




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