Elliot Rodger, Psycho from California

I have to comment on the Elliot Rodger killings in California this weekend.  I have read his manifesto and lots of news reports, as well as watching the news that came out early on.

In the early reports, this was presented as a mass shooting, but then even still today, I heard a report that said “six people shot by killer.”  Most of the stories have corrected this error, however, and explain that 3 of the victims were killed by stabbing or by machete and a hammer.  Still unclear as to how his three roommates died.  It was first reported they were stabbed.  Now the NYT said there was an evidence bag from the apartment labeled “2 machetes, 1 knife, 1 hammer.”

He wrote obsessively about hating white blond girls, blaming them that he was still a virgin and had never kissed a girl.  He stated he was beautiful and magnificent, but complained people looked down on him.

He seemed to have a very good life and wanted for nothing, going to private schools, traveling first class to several countries, being privileged to socialize along with his family with those he called wealthy, and attending a couple Hollywood events.

His manifesto was very well written so his thoughts were well organized.

So he drives around in his BMW and expensive sunglasses making videos about how much his life was hell and how he wanted to reek retribution.  At one point towards the end of his writing he stated he thought he was the closest thing to a living God that existed.

In most of his rantings and writings, he was so over the top that it almost seems not real to me.  If you deducted the times he repeated how much he hated girls, you could probably reduce the 140 pages to about 50. Ironically, despite his desire to kill girls, he killed 4 males and only 2 females.

In fact, he was obsessive about how he was attracted to girls, on and on, I’m thinking he’s homosexual.  And you cannot tell me a man looking like he does, all puffy lipped, has not been hit on probably many times.  (Has he had his lips artificially enlarged?)  He does not mention at all that is the case, but maybe that’s what he is trying to hide.  He mentions several times that he cried before others and that he had “wet his pillow with tears.”  As an adult, mind you.  One of those times as I recall was after he was in college and one of his roommates did some little something that upset him.

It sounded to me as though his parents did a pretty good job raising him, though they were divorced.  His father remarried, and he had some conflict with his step-mother, but his mother remained unmarried.  In fact, he held hard feelings towards her because she did not “for him” marry one of the rich men she had dated so he could live an opulent life.  It appears he lived an affluent lifestyle, and was maybe spoiled by his mother and his grandmothers.  Although, it didn’t seem all that different from what any mother or grandmother would do for her kids, if they had the means to do so.

He had friends throughout his childhood.  He had sleepovers, he had what he called play dates, and one friend he had almost to the end of his life, but he kept saying he was “all alone.”

He never even approached the girls he hated for rejecting him, so it was all in his mind.

He had “help” from about 8 years old, so somebody knew he was not quite right.

One thing I would say stands out is everything was somebody else’s fault.  We have a epidemic of this these days.  It is a dangerous thing to dwell on ones self, demanding to be gratified immediately, and not accepting responsibility for anything.  This sort of mind set can easily devolve into some kind of mental problems.

I’m going to post a couple links relating to the story, as it gets politicized by every sort of group from anti-gun to women who want to now get rid of all men.  The media, the corrupt media, are still making it sound as though some 13 odd people were shot in the street by this guy.  This is the impression they present and especially to those not listening too closely that’s exactly what they hear.  And that, of course, is exactly the point – “gun violence.”

Side Note: When I try to copy/paste excerpts from the manifesto, it comes out this way:
Ny ]wjsthm Qgrcm ]fh Utgry gl Hccjgt Tgmahr
Dy Hccjgt Tgmahr Jitrgmuetjgi
Kcc gl ny sullhrjia gi tfjs wgrcm fks dhhi kt tfh fkims gl funkijty, pkrtjeuckrcy wgnhi. Jt fks nkmh nh rhkcjzh oust fgw drutkc kim twjsthm funkijty js ks k sphejhs. Kcc J hvhr wkithm wks tg ljt ji kim cjvh k fkppy cjlh kngiast funkijty, dut J wks ekst gut kim rhohethm, lgrehm tg himurh ki hxjsthieh gl cgihcjihss kim jisjaijljekieh, kcc dhekush tfh lhnkchs gl tfh funki sphejhs whrh jiekpkdch gl shhjia tfh vkcuh ji nh.

What is this? A language? A code?








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