The Way The Left Thinks and Operates

The Way The Left Thinks .

“”Make no mistake: We are not fighting a party that disagrees with us on certain policy issues; we are fighting an ideology that has as its purpose the deconstruction of the Constitution, and with it, a clear path to remake society in its image through pure assertion of unchecked power, marshaling regulation, taxation, price controls, and the re-defining of core foundational ideas made permanent by activist courts as a way to fundamentally transform the US.””

Not enough people have come to this realization! You DO NOT compromise with these people. They are not interested in compromise. They pretend but notice it, compromise to them means doing it their way.

And, yes, John McCain is a perfect example of how it’s done. I would add Lindsey Graham as the two of them work in concert.

“”…[John] McCain has become something of a barometer on these types of issue: if he agrees to “compromise,” you can be certain it is on that particular point that the Democrats are most hoping to win — McCain being one of the most steadfast of the purely political animals on the GOP side, and as such, an easy target for ideologues who have pushed a national narrative of a desire for compromise. In particular, if by “compromising” on one point while voting against several others, McCain believes he’ll receive plaudits from the non-whacko birds in the major leftwing media for being one of the “reasonable” kind of Republicans, that’s what he’ll do. Or, to put this another way, the progressives know which Republicans will sell out their base for some backslaps and pottage, so they maneuver their legislative desires to target those figures — and then they set up their strategy to coax the dupes toward accepting what it is they really wanted all along.””

Remember: The left NEVER gives up anything in an effort to come to consensus. They GOP or any opposition to them ALWAYS are the ones to give up little by little any and all stanses. Then they are “good little” republicans lauded by the mainstream media. Otherwise, they are the embodiment of all evil to them.

This is why it is almost laughable now that the media and the democrats are trying to “help” the GOP out on immigration. How can they be so stupid as to believe such a thing? It started immediately after the election and it was everywhere – that the GOP needs to go for amnesty to win an election. This is Crazy!

And I believe the “consultants” who are supposed to be advising the republicans are really not on their side. They are sucking up their money and sabotaging them at the same time – “double agents”, if you will. I wish they would FIRE all consultants.

And then of course, if you have anyone like Ted Cruz who does stand up and refuse to go along to get along, the unrelenting destruction begins.

Also, Ben Carson – good example. He has not kow towed and so he is facing cruel treatment. And is it EVER racist when the left tries to destroy a black person? NEVER! The left are the most racist and intolerant of all people and must be defeated not agreed with on any level.

Notice it. It never varies.

Posted: 04.05.13 A. D. @ 7:45 a.m.

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