Alyce LaViolette – Quack – State vs Jodi Arias

This psychologist (as in Dr. Dick last week) and psychotherapist (as in Dr. LaViolette) this week is not only giving the criminal justice system a black eye, but is also making their profession out to be a total comedy.

These people are paid ($250 to $300 per hour) defense witnesses and are so biased and partial as to blabber on and on about how awful Travis Alexander was and angelic Jodi Arias is.

They want so badly to advocate for their employers, the defense, they go on and on endlessly trying to make a case that Travis was an abuser and Jodi abused.

For God’s sake, most all of their opinions are derived from what Jodi told them!! And Jodi is a liar. There are a few emails or something that show Travis calling her – online from far away – a skank, which she is, and evil which she most certainly is. Maybe he was catching on to her and to his grave poor judgment, he did not know how dangerous she was and how much in danger his life was.

It cannot be forgotten that this woman, Jodi Arias, stabbed this man some 30 times, cut his throat from ear to ear, almost beheading him, and shot him in the head to boot.

So in light of that, all this chattering for days about how wonderful she is and how she was abused by Travis is right close to ridiculous.

Monday, Juan Martinez gets to finally cross examine Ms. LaViolette, after just beginning on Friday when trial ended. I cannot wait for him to tear up her phoney sympathic coddling of a murderer.

Both these “expert witnesses” will be counting their money for quite some time, and may never have to work again. I think it is a waste of money and, of course, the State of Arizona is paying them because Dear Jodi is indigent.

Posted: 04.05.13 A. D. @ 1:30 p.m.

Reluctantly, I am adding a link to the autopsy photos.  They are VERY GRAHIC but it is absolutely essential to know just WHAT she did to this man.  (But don’t look if you are easily upset)  I am still crying…..

This is why Juan Martinez is not overly aggressive.  He is magnificant.

Added 04.06.13 A. D. @ 12:29 p.m.


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12 responses to “Alyce LaViolette – Quack – State vs Jodi Arias

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  2. Jackie

    Absolutely totally correct, I am female and HATE this male bashing! Jodi is a murderer and this is an injustice to the victim, Travis! Holy! I love love love Juan and he is proving his case, I pray the jury gets it!


    • joanne

      i too hate this male bashing. i feel for not only travis alexander but his family they are the true vicims. i like the prosecutor because i think he is doing a great job. travis alexander was the victim in all of this not jodi arias. she is a manipulative, hateful, someone who is only concerned with themselves. how many lies does she and her defense team have to tell for this jury not to find her guilty . joanne


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  4. Melanie Zermeno

    I honestly think this is worse than the so called “OJ” trial. Due to the fact he covered his ass better than this sick cold b****. Any murder is sick however can be justified if in my belief it is truly someone coming after you and serious self defense. I am so sickened with Jodi!!!!! I was seriously beaten during a so called relationship and at the time when I should of protected myself through his strangling me etc. I should have done it right?: (Pulling a Jodi!) NO! I was phycologicaly messed up! At first I was flattered. Than he followed me everywhere. He actually was hiding under my bed and told me I will always know what your doing,I had a gun to my head and that time talk about any manipulation! I swore I loved him and how wrong I was. He was the high school quarterback and so big and good looking. I sit here pretty but with a broken nose and a certain bone that got disconnected through beatings And was told I have to get my jaw wired shut. I cannot do that now as that is so scary.. I do hate the guy. Weird way I love him in a sick sense. More so back than now. I just want to know why?: It all was to crazy it would take a novel to explain this and i am tough believe me but in battered women’s case you feel like a rookie army person who has to go through hell week and than get built back up and you get debriefed and could get sent to secret ops. Meaning killing on the down low. I know.. Anyway I love Jaun Martinez and Jodi using twitter in prison is so wrong. Why dont they just give her a pedi and mani? Really?
    And her little stupid inconsistent people testifying for her suck. Especially Alyce Loviette?:? I do not know how to spell her name. Poor Travis! He got raked through the mud. And did NOT deserve to die! Especially like that!!! Alyce whatever your name is YOU DO NOT KNOW DOMESTIC ABUSE! You offended me and alot of people that go through abuse. Let me make a point! Whatever Billy said I believed he was the manipulator!!! You are not a specialist in this area.Is it all for the money everybody? Wow! Let’s all make blood money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Melanie, Peace to all!


  5. S. Rodriguez

    If you have ever been on a murder trial jury you would never want to do it again. The trial I was on convicted the third strike defendant, but with much misery and ugly deliberation. There always seems to be at least one or two people who don’t want to convict no matter what the evidence proves. Maybe it’s conscience, or they just want to be the “oddball” in a group. Our group had two women who stated that they wouldn’t convict a person of the same race. They were eventually convinced, but both stated that they regreted it after. A lesson in human nature that I’ll never forget.


    • Good Citizen

      Sometimes, like in the OJ case, I believe it is better to have a judge, and no jury. OJ was found not guilty – why? Because the mostly Black jury were prejudiced as hell against White people. A horrible miscarriage of justice – I only wish that his victims were able to haunt him till the day he dies, and too bad there is not such a place as hell, since he and Arias and Castro would be joining Hitler there!


  6. I am so confused. The KKK brutally HATES black people. The Nazis brutally HATED the Jews, and Lesbian Feminists brutally HATE men! The equation is quite simple. Hatred and bigotry is hatred and bigotry! Why is it that there are so many people out there that STILL cannot recognize a filthy, slimy, man-hating bigot like Alyce Laviolettte when they see her!?


    • Paulee

      I totally agree. These feminists hate men and would harm them in any way they could if possible. They are maggots and are worthy of the same disgrace as the KKK, Nazis, and other hate groups.


  7. Anonymous

    Sooo true. The case against O Jerk was proved beyond a doubt – when they started to deliberate, 8 out of 10 thought he was guilty but then the prejudiced Blacks still let the killer bastard go free anyway!! So much for justice in this world!


  8. Anonymous

    I Remember this freakin so called “expert” talk about being one sided. I swear this thing or whatever she is looks like a cross between Alice from the Brady bunch and the skipper from Gillian’s island. And seemed like she had the hots for Jodi arias


  9. I understand what you said. I agree with your proposal.


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