Boy president has tantrum, shuts down white house tours

Sorry, Washington-bound spring-breakers. Your White House tours have been canceled.

The Obama administration announced Tuesday that it will cancel all tours starting this weekend, due to sequester cuts. The move prompted swift condemnation from Republican lawmakers, who described the decision as the latest attempt to make the sequester seem worse than it is.

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This assaholic child president managed to get in two or three vacations in this year alone, Riiight before cuts.   He is going to make sure we pay for defying him though, inflicting his pain on even the children who want to visit the white house.

I have an idea:  Throw him out of the white house and let him pay for his own housing and groceries..  

I can’t stand this little puke.

Posted:  03.06.13 A. D. @12:41 p.m.

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