Who is Karl Rove and who put him in charge?

[Just to get something straight from the beginning:  Todd Akin is NOT tea party. For some reason, he has been  chosen to represent the tea party movement and all that is supposedly wrong with it.  This is just a marketing trick.  He has been in Washington since 2001.  Tea party did not even come into existence until 2009.  He was NOT endorsed by tea party either. Nevertheless, it is my opinion that since he won the republican primary in Missouri, he should have been backed by the republican party.]

And Karl Rove did not, and the republican party did not, have one thing to do with the origin of the tea party.

Furthermore, they had Nothing to do with the republicans taking the House of Representatives in 2010.  They got a gift, so to speak, and have taken the gift but spit in the face of the bearer of the gift.  In other words, they have “forgot who brung ’em.” Not too smart.

Do you think for even a second the GOP would have the House at this moment if not for tea party?  Not on your life.  In fact, it had been declared that the democrats would rule Washington for at least 50 years.

Tea party came up from the grassroots and it essentially bypassed the establishment republican party.

Karl Rove did not just take on the tea party this week either.  He took on the tea party when Christine O’Donnell won the Deleware primary.   If the establishment republicans had backed her instead of sabotaging her, as Rove did, the day after she won the primary, she could have won.  And qualified?  Who picked Rove to decide who is qualified and who can win.  Nobody.  He is eleted to nothing.    He was upset because his good old buddy, old pal,. Mike Castle,  who had been in Washington since 1993 and was part of the problem, was defeated and out of the race

What is needed is to get rid of the political professionals who have been in Washington and who have presided over the decline of the United States of America.   What we want is new, non-political professionals to go to Washington.  But then when they get there, the Karl Rove republicans set out to keep them out of the process instead of welcoming them into the process.

Rove has stated that he is a “volunteer” and not paid by his Crossroads group.  Well, somebody is paying him.  Who would that be?  The republican party maybe?  Eric Cantor?  John Boehner?

…..Maybe even the Washington Post.  When the Washington Post is praising what Karl Rove is doing, then you know there is a problem  They are not going to want to help the republicans, that is for sure.

Another interesting development is that Marco Rubio has become the new and favorite play toy of the mainstream media.  Oh, he is “tea party” and oh, so sensible.  He is being used.  By becoming one of The Eight, he has associated himself with the scum.

And Rove thinks he is so clever, playing the word game, calling his group the Conservative Victory Project.  He is not conservative and this group has nothing whatever to do with advancing conservative ideas.  In fact, the exact opposite is true.  They want to kill conservative ideas and those who espouse them.

So I am not buying what Karl Rove is selling.  What has happened is a grassroots movement has been extremely effective bringing about a complete sea change in 2010, and the establishment republicans did not like it because they did not and do not control it.  In fact, they have been  and are fighting it tooth and nail.

What is going to happen if this keeps up is force a third party.  And who will be hurt by that?  The republicans, of course.  And it is for that reason they might want to rethink their little rebranding scheme to “better communicate” their goals.

They could have joined in the rising tide and benefited by the grassroots movement, but they are too interested in their own political careers to care one whit about the country.

It is not going to go well for them.  They don’t even know or understand who falls into tea party category.  It is a very loose and diverse group. And they don’t have a clue just how angry and disgusted the grassroots citizens of this country are.

Posted?  02.7.13 A. D. @ 1:47 a.m.

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