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The Media Vultures of Newtown

…..the intense international media attention on Newtown is more than an odd nuisance. It’s hurting the people of Newtown at a time when their hearts are already broken beyond comprehension, they say. There are “no media” and “no press” signs taped up at various points around Newtown. At least one church strung up yellow caution tape to keep reporters at bay.

Media and traffic jams the downtown of Sandy Hook near the Elementary School. Many area residents were visiting the makeshift memorial at the school’s entrance as the community tries to come to grips with the shooting massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. (Peter Casolino)

Read more: Newtown to the media: You’re making this nightmare worse – The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/krieger/ci_22210288/newtown-media-youre-making-this-nightmare-worse#ixzz2Fcv8epMz

Posted:  12.20.12 A. D @ 4:01 p.m.

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